Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Things Afoot

I would like to take a moment for shameless self-promotion. A moment to toot my own horn and tout the awesomeness that myself and others have been working on behind the scenes. The awesomeness that is Omniphobic.

What is Omniphobic? Well, it's an all new blog experiment started by myself and some other writers of my ilk, opinionated and cynical folk who are looking for creative ways in which to spread their effluence.

Is it Bonez, Mark II? Not quite. you may recognize some of the faces over at Omniphobic, but you certainly won't know them all. And the ideas and opinions expressed may at times be a bit more direct than what you normally see here at Bonez.

This is not a goodbye on my part. I will still continue to produce pieces here at Bonez. But if you're interested in other things that I'm working on, or reading some fun content from other like-minded individuals, you should really swing on by.

We don't bite.


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