Tuesday, July 15, 2008

PickensPlan Frees America from Oil Terrorism

With special permission I am providing an edited personal e-mail I received from my dear friend and mentor, Mike K. of Atlanta, Georgia. I was so impressed with Mike's fervor, his genuine love and concern for our country and his thoughts for weaning ourselves from the dependency of foreign oil that I had to sign Bonez up to help spread the word. It is going to take a literal army of United States citizens to change the mindset of this country and put us on track to recreate our world as one not dependent upon expensive and deadly foreign oil. We must free ourselves from the terrorism and bondage to political powers and governments who wish to harm or control us. We must stop selling ourselves out for oil and work to protect our environment and preserve a better world for our children.

Here is Mike's e-mail...
"Please consider looking into and joining this grass roots effort at PickensPlan. As some of you may know, I was the GM of a New England oil company buying oil on the market. Ever since, I have been concerned. On 9/12 I told anyone that would listen that we need to make it a national “land a man on the moon by the end of the decade” effort to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Reducing our dependence on foreign energy changes much of the dynamics at play in the world.

I felt like a man in the wilderness until I read the PickensPlan. Many of you know me to keep an open mind to either political party and that I am fiercely patriotic. I am sick of the negativity going on. We have a great nation, the best so far in the history of mankind. Do we have issues? Have we screwed up at times? Have we been brilliant at times? Sure, but so what? We tend to attack the issues, just look back 200 years, 100 years, heck just 30 years ago. We have changed. Will we ever be perfect? NO.

Oil is a national security issue and the reason I feel compelled to write, so please excuse the rant. Sure there is self interest on Pickens' part considering he has a $2 billion investment going on in wind power right now in Texas. Frankly, I would rather supply wealth to home grown individuals with the gumption that Pickens' has to pony up $2 billion than send that wealth to the middle east as we have done for decades.

Please, review the plan and consider signing up just to “cast your vote” and lend weight to this issue. Is this the solution? Not by its own, but it is a step along the path. Without signing up voices will not be heard. There is the famous quote of the Japanese General being concerned that they had “awoken a sleeping giant” with Pearl Harbor, I hope and pray that the same is happening right now only with the current oil pricing. The one thing that American’s are great at (when we are awake) is rising to a challenge. Let’s do it again, so throw in your hat by simply signing up."

Expect periodic updates here on Bonez on the progress of the PickensPlan along with further posts about oil energy alternatives and bettering our world.

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GeologyJoe said...

Pickens Plan is making the rounds in the blogosphere. A friend of my just joined and I will be as well.

But more than joining we need to act. No more apathy and procrastination.

Bonez said...

Right you are, GeologyJoe! The time for action by our citizens is long overdue and we need to do more than just complain now. Sometimes that means putting our money where our mouths are (nice cliché that definitely applies here). Can we wean ourselves off the foreign oil dependency? I believe so and know it will take a consciousness shift of the American people to do it. I admire Pickens for putting his money and time on the line in hopes of turning this country around. People need to look beyond the single project of the wind power and listen and read about the other alternatives also in the pipeline. Using our own oil versus exporting it. Drilling our own offshore versus selling it to China. Using geothermal, tides and nuclear energies. Forcing public service vehicles to use natural gas or other alternative fuels. Incentivize car makers and citizens to make and purchase hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles that get maximum mileage. And so much more. With focuse as a nation, I believe we can free ourselves from more than 50% of our current foreign oil "needs" in five years.