Friday, July 11, 2008

Tea Tips with Dr. Tea - Coffee VS Tea

It's time to learn all about the difference between coffee and tea, and listen to Dr. Tea hawk his "Coffee Tea" and "Iced CapaTEAno". Personally, I like some good ol' Irish Breakfast Tea as my coffee alternative.

The Irish are great tea drinkers and drink their tea brewed very strong. Irish Breakfast Tea has a malty, dark, robust flavor. A saying among the Irish is that a proper cup of tea should be "strong enough for a mouse to trot on". I haven't conducted the mouse trot test on mine, yet, so I cannot verify if I am drinking a proper cup-o-Irish tea or not.

The Irish drink this dark brew all day and evening long. Most of us non-native Irish lads and lasses usually only drink it in the mornings as the soft American living has weakened our constitutions to the point of being unable to handle the home brew around the clock.

Another interesting and unique point about Irish Breakfast Tea is that it is blended with an Assam tea base from a region in India which produces more black tea than any other place on Earth with the possible exception of a few places in China.

You should give Irish Breakfast Tea a try and let me know what you think. Everyone who leaves a comment on this post that is more than, "good post" or "cool site" or other such hit and run rot will be entered for a chance to win a free box of my favorite Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast Tea.

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Lora_3 said...

I love Tea but if I drink it before eatting anything it will make me sick. Truly!

Hey Mr."Drives Vet Daily"! See I'm wondering how my Volvo will hold up against the Vet. Want to drag? LOL

That cartoon chick looks just like me. Well, maybe 20 years ago but just like me!

Be safe...

Bonez said...

Hi Lora! Hey, where did you find that old reference to my Vette? I traded her in for an RX-8 about four months ago but I will still drag against your Volvo any day (big grin).

I know what you mean about tea before food making you "sick" (nauseous?). It affects me that way sometimes, too. Try a spot-o-lemon in it next time.

Looks like you are the only one so far in the hopper for the free Irish Breakfast Tea. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Lora_3 said...

Silly, go to MyBlogLog and read your own comments about yourself! You need to change it to "Drives Mazda daily" Or "Flyin' the 8 daily".

Be safe...

Bonez said...

Yes, Ma'am! On my way now to correct the misinformation. "Flyin' the 8"... I like that.

Unknown said...

I plan on getting a tea for lunch.
Jasmine/Moroccan Mint combo. ummmm.

Bonez said...

GeoJoe, you lost me on the mint part. I can handle Jasmine and really like a good hot Jasmine Green Tea but, for some reason, mint just doesn't sit right with my taste buds. Well, with the possible exceptions of when used in Mint Juleps or York Peppermint chocolate patties.

Consider yourself entered to win the box of Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast Tea.

IvanMikhailov said...

Unless that agave mixture was 95% water and hazelnut flavour, that beverage could not have had 1/2 a gram of sugar. If he's mistaken about the sugar content, I think it's safe to say he could be mistaken about some of his other claims as well.