Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tea Tips with Dr. Tea - Green Tea

This week Dr. Tea reminds us of the benefits of green tea and that all real tea comes from the same plant. Dr. Tea touts several variations of green teas from China and Japan but I would like to note the two most frequently consumed forms enjoyed in the United States.

Dragon Well Green tea comes from the Chinese village of Dragon Well (Lung Ching). The production of Dragon Well tea began about 1200 years ago and it is called the national drink of China and frequently given to visiting heads of state. Dragon Well tea has a distinguished shape with leaves that are broad and flat, a result of a laborious drying and pan "frying" process. Dragon Well tea is refreshingly smooth, sweet and delicate, among the very best of the Chinese greens.

Sencha or Japanese Green Tea was traditionally picked in early spring after the leaves had developed their balance of sweetness and astringency. Japanese green tea differs in the processing and drying from the Chinese green tea and is generally darker green in color and stronger in flavor.

Any variety you choose will still reward you with the huge health and wellness benefits attributed to green tea.

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