Friday, August 22, 2008

Awaken and Break the Cycle

Most of us have moved through our lives without ever realizing the truth. The truth that we are unlimited energy beings bound only by our limited thinking and subdued imaginings. Without exception, every one of us creates our own reality whether we recognize that fact and take responsibility for it or not.

We most often followed in the thinking and belief systems demonstrated to us by our parents and accepted that without question as the way of the world. Many of us have perpetuated the cycle of thought deception and falsely, even if ignorantly, taught the limitation of our creative capabilities to our children and those in our sphere of influence. Some of us awaken to the thought that this cycle of limitation belief no longer serves us and intuit the cycle can be broken and belief systems changed.

It is never too late to awaken. It is never too late to break the cycle of limitation.

Once the process of awakening has begun it cannot be reversed. Awakening is a complete shift in consciousness and can happen in a moment, "in the twinkling of an eye". However, for some, it is a process in which a gradual transformation occurs in many areas of their lives over a period until a realization of an awaken state is perceived.


Anonymous said...

What you said here is true. I have a tendency to believe also that we are living in a time when there is a great awakening taking place and that many in their spirits are becoming "awake" to things that they never realized before.

I found your page by a comment you left on euroyanks' page and came over to see what you were about. I like your stuff. Come see mine sometime. I think you would find it worth your while.

Cerulean said...

I agree, we are in a time of a great and broad spiritual awakening on our planet. This awakening will accelerate and the peak may be quite evident by mid-year 2012. I see some interesting commonality with your site and will gladly investigate further. Thank you for your comment.

Mrs. Hall said...

Well, it is true things can always expand in terms of what we think and feel. There is a lot to be said in terms of expanding beyond ingrained patterns of thought and behavior.

good luck with your expansion

Hope you build a sun room!


Mrs. Hall

Cerulean said...

Thank you for commenting, Mrs. Hall. If by "sun room" you are wittily remarking on the heightened solar flare activity that is sure to disrupt worldwide communications in 2012 then yes, my spiritual sun room is indeed being built.

Mrs. Hall said...

hee hee indeed.

I find it important, as I strive to expand me, that I keep humor at the forefront.

I hope there was no offense.


Mrs. Hall

Cerulean said...

I am not offended, Mrs. Hall. I am grateful for and appreciate your comments. I do not judge your words or assume your intentions. That is left to you as your expression of who you are.

I sense you are journeying down a spiritual growth path that you may be walking unconsciously. You travel it with sincere determination, a pure heart and a burning desire for positive influence for those you love and care for. It is a noble mission and one that does indeed better the "world" around you and empowers you more than you may know.

Thank you for You.