Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bam! Kapow! It's Joker Machinima and Black Spinning Circles

A "remake" of one of my favorite scenes from "Batman: The Dark Knight" is Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker when he faces down the combined Gotham underworld in their own secret lair and boldly steals their money and at the same time gains their utmost respect. Ledger established the Joker character as being quite intelligent while he was ruthless without remorse. So much so, that the Joker was absolutely insanely scary even to the most hardened of criminals. The folks over at WeGame.Com brought us this nicely done machinima made from footage from the video game "Team Fortress". For more interesting machinima visit YouTube's Machinima Channel and Machinima.Com. And hey! What's up with Robert Downey, Jr. saying, "F**k DC Comics!"? Is the proverbial gauntlet being thrown down to escalate the feud between Marvel and DC Comics and lead to a showdown between Iron Man and Batman? Hold on whilst I wipe this fanboy drool from my beard...

Curses on StumbleUpon! Curses to Wuahn! Curses to the whole frakkin' interwebs! Like I really really needed another diversion to feed my ADHD mind. Spin the Black Circle could become the next virtual cocaine of the internet addicted slackmeister in your life (be it you or another loved one). Go on over and see what I mean. Soon you'll be in a near catatonic state staring at your computer screen forgetting to eat or take care of other bodily functions. The hours will seem like frustrating minutes of black spinning circle hell. Go for it. You know you wanna.

VampirellaMy blog traffic research has uncovered a simple idea that I wish I had time to exploit further. The phenomena of making a list of the top five or ten something-or-others and making a few snarky remarks about them and then getting them dugg on Digg. "Top Ten" according to who? And usually, the top ten of who really gives a flying monkey squat... but I click on 'em anyway. Of course, the more semi-naked hard bodied women or gagging gross pictures you include the more guaranteed you are of getting dugg and thus generating a buttload of curious traffic to your site/blog. Take for example this sweet gem of scintillation entitled "Top Ten Skimpiest Superheroine Costumes" featured on Bam! Kapow!. Now don't get me wrong, Bam! Kapow! is a great site in and of itself without having to stoop to such traffic generating tactics as making lists of scantily clad female comic book characters. In fact, they are so cool that I've already added them to the coveted Bonez LinX (how about returning the fave, Bam! Kapow!?). Anyway, Bam! Kapow! features tons of original content and intellectually edifying material like the Marvel Zombies Ate My Neighbors fan movie post. They deserve your visit and don't forget to leave a comment about your favorite Skimpiest Superheroine Costume and tell 'em Bonez sent ya.


E said...

That machinima is pretty sweet, but I have to be an obnoxious nitpicker. The game it's taken from is "Team Fortress 2". The original Team Fortress was a mod for Quake 1 that ended up being ported onto the Half-Life engine as "Team Fortress Classic".

And for this information, I demand at least one internet.

E said...

Top ten lists have quick become one of my least favorite things on the internet. They are to web content what reality shows are to television. They are a dumbing down of the medium.

Why take the time to come up with a creative or insightful piece of entertainment when you can simply rate the "Top Ten Top Ten Lists" with 2 sentences of snarky commentary after each entry.

It shows a lack of creativity and a shameful unwillingness to sharpen and hone one's craft.

At least, that's my top opinion. My other nine are to follow.

Bonez said...

Wow, E. Two comments on a single post. I am in shock ;)

Um, okay... the machinima is really from Team Fortress 2. Actually, I knew that but didn't think it worth making too much of an issue over. I should have known that gaming geeks would instantly take me to task over my sacrilege. Here, you can have my internet.

Where can I find the Top Ten Top Ten Lists?!? What a treasure. I am sure I could make at least ten top ten posts out of that. Alas, I hear you preaching the gospel of original content is king and I respect your efforts in your work on that. BTW, congratulations on the mayhem going on over at Omniphobic.