Monday, August 04, 2008

Christian the Lion and Elvis the Roman

This video about Christian the lion made my eyes water with a surge of emotion that had my mind racing through images of every pet I ever loved in my life as well as my current three cat mates. I don't know why it took over thirty-five years for Christian's story to become viral. Hopefully, it will help raise awareness for animal welfare around the world since it has had nearly seventeen million views to date. Surely, a full length motion picture will be in the works soon.

Possible inexpensive solutions to the growing gasoline crisis in the United States are being offered by industrious Chinese inventors. An example is one DIY homemade automobile you and the little tyke can put together in a single weekend. No glue require but plenty of twine, scotch tape, spit and bailing wire would most likely be helpful.

Maybe a less expensive alternative to gas guzzling cars and trucks would be to pick up one these handy dandy ultra cool personal jet packs. Of course, it will cost you about a quarter mill and there are no bodacious flames since it ain't really a jet type-o-jet pack but runs on two big ass fans. Think this is could be the precursor to a future sky filled with crazy jet packing commuters?

Elvis may be more legendary than the cheesy black velvet portraits proclaimed. Can you believe that the Romans chiseled a bust of The King over 1,800 years ago?


E said...

That was an awesome video. I absolutely adore cats. It's amazing to see the powerful connection that humans can share with our furry friends.

Bonez said...

I knew you were a cuddly soul, E, and a cat lover supreme. The video is truly moving and you can see the love of both the lion and the people very clearly.