Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Deadly CFLs China's Secret Weapon

Another case of the U.S. government acting with its head up its collective arse. Our "leaders" (cough!) apparently suffer from the brain numbing effects of the depleted ozone and are blinded by their war profiteering and big oil kickbacks without regard for the blood of our troops. Let's give the Chinese (future U.S. overlords?) more financial and commercial power over U.S. citizens by making them the sole provider of the new compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Let's create thousands of hazmat incidents with an accidental breakage and dump tons of toxic mercury into our water supplies. The Chinese can turn us into a country of mad hatters and take over without ever firing a shot or nuking a major city. All in the names of energy efficiency, environmental protection, glorious commercial globalization, and government profiteering. [Suggested by Mike K.]

For a funny skit on the dangers of CFLs watch this video but keep in mind the very real dangers to people, the U.S. economy, the tyranny of control of the U.S. government perpetrated by CFLs.

Why aren't we hearing more about the benefits of LED lighting options? Possibly because LED lighting has been scientifically proven not to ward off ravenous hordes of zombies as efficiently as the standard incandescent bulbs most people use today. This alone may warrant further research into the possible use of LED lighting as viable energy saving alternative to the toxic CFLs.


GeologyJoe said...

CFLs are dangerous. I've done a post on it as well in the past.

the Maine DEP also did a study of the danger.

LEDs are the way to go.

Bonez said...

I agree, GeoJoe that CFLs are dangerous to humans and the environment. I think they are also a danger to our economy as pointed out with the Chinese sole sourcing the manufacture of the devices. LEDs are the way to go and far more efficient and longer lasting than the CFLs. However, they are not price accordingly and are more "directional" than their CFL counterparts.

Anonymous said...

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Bonez said...

Conrad... um, er... Joannah? ~ Thank you for visiting Bonez and deciding on becoming a regular participant. Normally, I boot off non-topic links to keep down on the spamming but your approach was so nice and individualized that I am allowing it to stay. Especially if you keep coming back and getting your Bonez on.