Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dream Without Limits

Emerald Dream Sphere"I am willing to expand beyond the limits I have placed on myself and those I have allowed others to place upon me." ~ Iyanla Vanzant

We are powerful creators. We can have or do any desire of our hearts. How? We are energy beings.

Energy always flows, always moves in either the direction of our dreams or away from them. Energy is never stagnant or fixed. Energy is limitless and is all that is and fills the spaces in between. We direct these ever moving limitless energies with our dreams by determining the vibrational frequencies we radiate into the universe. Those vibrational commands begin with our thoughts.

Think about that for a moment.

Our thoughts are the beginning of all the creative manifestations of our reality. Thoughts become perceived reality through modifying the vibrations we project from ourselves into the universe. We are literally what we think. We are energy beings. Thus we can also become what we think.

Sometimes we do not think big enough because we are fearful or doubtful of our worthiness to create the realities we desire. Therefore, we settle for less than our utmost because we do not believe we can dream for more. Belief is thought. Thoughts of doubt or fear inhibit the creative process and bring about less than our perfect desire of being true to ourselves and who we really are.

We must remember that all the ability, all the power and all the energies of the universe to create what we desire lies within each of us at this very moment. The Now. We can dream as big as our imaginations. We can think into existence whatever our level of faith allows. Let us think without limits. Let us dream beyond our imaginings. Let us create with confidence the desires of our hearts Now.

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