Friday, August 01, 2008

I Am Not by Frank Henninger

Sunrise by the OceanI am not merely my stuff
The constantly changing assortment of physical possessions
That surrounds and seems to define me
I am not my money, my net worth, or my estate
I am that which needs no possessions
Yet has abundance and wealth beyond imagination
Whose energy infuses all mediums of exchange with its value.

I am not my body
Not its size, its health, age or look
Not a physical being at all
I am that which needs no body
Yet enjoys the physical life of this one
As a free choice, for a while,
A convenient vehicle for Spirit to move around in
On this one planet, among the billions to be explored.

I am not male or female
But that which has no gender
I am not straight, or gay, celibate or profligate
But that which desires no sex.

I am not son or brother, husband or father
Not employee or boss
Mentor or student
But that which has no role at all
In human affairs
That which needs no other
By which to contrast and define itself.

I am not my experiences
Neither physical nor spiritual
Good or bad, celebrated or damned
But pure contemplation and joy
Without comparison or pain.

I am not my thoughts or my mind
Though its wisdom be great
And its acuity be sharp
I am that which is beyond all thoughts
And that which thinks all thoughts.

I am not my IQ or my personality type
Not my talents, memories or dreams
But that which needs none of these
To have identity, purpose and awareness.

I am not that which I love
My mate, my family, or friends
But I am Love
Eros, filios, and agape
All at once
The divine substance for which there is no human word.

I am a spiritual Being
Not one of many
But a unique expression of the One
Creating this experience today, here, with you
As you have your creative experience
Of the spiritual Being that you are
Another unique expression of the One
Here, today, with me
Without there truly being a you, and a me.

I am not bound by time
I am not bound by space
But am that which is boundless
And timeless
And without measurement, dimension, or form.

When I look in the mirror
I do not see me
I see you
I see all
I see nothing
I see everything
I see God looking back at me
Through my eyes.

Frank Henninger is author of the book Compass Points.

Image © Vladimir Kush

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