Friday, August 15, 2008

Spooky Kooky Toys, One Way Tickets to Mars and Our Sumerian Alien Ancestors

What ails you? Hot flashes? Shortness of breath? Stinky feet? Erectile dysfunction? Whatever your health condition you will find that laughter is indeed the best medicine once you check out the spooky kooky toys at Flapjack Toys. These toys are exactly what I would have wanted when I was 13 which means that they are more than ripe for my young mind today. Each vinyl "Symptoms" character comes with their own prescription bottle complete with warning label. Don't play with these grossly cute toys and simultaneously operate heavy machinery or you may be in stitches before you know it. Supplies are limited so get your prescription filled today.

If you are anything at all like me, the mere mention of ancient Sumerian artifacts gets your juices flowing and makes you nearly orgasm in anticipation of musty archeological delights. If so, then Xfacts' claim to the world's largest online collection of Sumerian Artifacts is just the ticket you are looking for to fulfill your wicked desires and Indiana Jones-esque lusts. Toss on top of all this the delicious mixture of UFO's, Planet X, Nibiru research, and the Sumerian alien link of our human lineage and you've got an evening of fun and frolicking like you've haven't experienced in a long while. All of this adds up to something well worth writing about in your journal for future generations to read and then commenting here on Bonez... once your head clears from the over stimulation and revelation.

It takes six months to travel to Mars. NASA scientists say that when we go to Mars, it's going to be such an important event that it'll be an international effort of unprecedented cooperation. Given the obvious difficulties of returning people back to Earth, some scientists think a "one-way ticket" to Mars should be considered and future explorers be recruited with that in mind. Going to Mars is risky, but is not a suicide mission, though life span would surely be shortened. The first crew would establish and maintain a base, possibly in lava caves, and additional people would join them on later missions. The initial mission would be the first step in establishing a permanent presence on another world. Imagine a reality TV sort of continual broadcast of the first Mars missions with the stars very possibly "elderly" people... since their remaining life spans would not be greatly shortened by living on Mars. All this Mars talk and much more fascinating NASA mission discussion at Space Daily.

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