Friday, September 26, 2008

1 Photo Per Day For 17 Years

Dan Hanna started his "aging project" in 1991 -- to take a picture of himself every day of his life. To add a bit of visual interest, he created a ring with two cameras that would take pictures 180 degrees apart and he would rotate the ring each day while he stood in the same spot. The 365 positions on the ring meant that the entire rig would circle him once per year, where he would look directly at one of the cameras at the Spring and Fall Equinoxes and be in profile for the Winter and Summer Solstices. The rig was designed to be portable so he could easily break it down and move it with him, take it on vacations, etc.

A truly creative and stubborn piece of art.


Rev. Hatter said...

Wow now I'm dizzy from watching that

Mrs. Hall said...

I loved how he kept growing his hair out only to shave it again.

But seriously, no smile in 17 years.

That must stink.


Mrs. Hall

Markoni said...

I'm sure if I were to make a similar film of myself I would look just as strange. I'm the kind that lets himself get a little shaggy before breaking the clippers out -- it's one of those chores I don't enjoy.

He does start making faces at least -- after about ten years!