Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Facing and Eliminating Fear

We are eternal beings made of a life force that will never end. We are one with and an extension of the endless creative energies stream flowing from the infinite intelligence some call 'God' and that I prefer to call "The All That Is".

We are not alone and, in fact, can never be alone no matter our perception or how hard we try to enforce our "separateness". We are all interrelated and a minute faction of The All That Is.

Remember, there are only two emotions that drive our world or this reality. Love and Fear. Love is the higher vibration and overcomes Fear's paralyzing hold. To free ourselves from Fear we must exist in the thought that we are a part of something greater than the Fear. By realizing our connectivity to the infinite energy source we accept ourselves as co-creators with the infinite intelligence that created the entire universe and all dimensions and iterations yet to be discovered by man.

Human science has shown that energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another or transferred from one body to another. Keeping ourselves in alignment or in the vibrational frequency of this wondrous creative energy stream will allow us to create at will our own realities and become who we really are.

Who we really are and not what we trick ourselves into thinking others perceive us as. The truth is that we place those perceptions on ourselves as they are of our own creation. No one can make us do or be anything we do not choose.

Tapping into the energy stream of creativity empowers us to free ourselves from Fear and set forth our higher intentions and manifest our dreams into reality. If Fear arises, refocus on the positive things in your life. Set yourself immediately into gratitude and acceptance and realign yourself with the vibrational frequencies of success and Love.

How can we do this realignment or adjustment back into the proper vibration of The All That Is? Jesus himself taught us by his example that prayer and meditation are the tools to reconnect to the creative energy stream.

If Fear arises don't resist it. Embrace the Fear and draw it into your conscious awareness. Once you ensnare the Fear in your consciousness, or what some call 'heart', you are able to transform that Fear into Love and thus shift the vibrational frequency to your higher intention and negate the crippling affects of the Fear.

Fear is only an illusion we allow to exist and can be controlled and even nullified through transforming its energies into Love.


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Bonez said...

I can't decide if this is bot generated blog spam or not. If it is, it is the nicest one from the prettiest bot I've ever seen :) But, I will assume this is a legit comment in agreement with what Cerulean posted and thank you for visiting Bonez, goooooood girl.

BTW, Cerulean, I didn't think you were one of the Jesus People but were strictly an independent soul man communing with the cosmos. (is that the Twilight Zone theme song I suddenly hear playing in the background?) Just teasing ya', man.

Cerulean said...

I respond to Good Girl with yes, if you say it is good then it is good. Good for you, that is. If good is the perception you have and wish to convey and if good is a possible definition in your reality to summarize some of your perceptions. I receive your response as a positive indication of the enlightenment you express your journey through for this moment. There is no good or bad. Everything is what it is and can only be labeled as good or bad based upon our own learned definitions. This topic may be a future post for me to explore. Thank you, Good Girl.

I respond to Tony with I understand your jest and know you to be more discerning than it may appear to others. I respect the teachings of Jesus as he shared universal truths and was an enlightened being who asked for us to observe his example and seek our own enlightenment and spiritual path to The All That Is.

Mindstorm1 said...

Woha great post alert . Reality now there is a topic for a great night in by the fire on a winters night . Most of the questions i have ever asked myself are here . Food for thought . YUMMY!!! .

Cerulean said...

I sense a hungry mind for the truth of the spirit in you Mindstorm. You are on the path of self discovery or the verification process of what you already know in your heart to be true. Discovery or realization of who you really are. I see in your words here and on your personal site an eager and sometimes frustrated enthusiasm to push the "accepted" boundaries. Boundaries of illusion placed in our paths by ourselves. Enjoy the journey.