Monday, September 08, 2008

Large Hadron Collider Doomsday Rap Ushers in Planet X Demonic Hordes

CERN Rap from Will Barras on Vimeo.

Today I took pause from my normal worries about the end of the world and got all funky monkey with Kate McAlpine and her creative educational rap music video Large Hadron Rap. As most doomsdayers know, the diabolical Large Hadron Collider (affectionately known as LHC to us conspiracy and end-of-the-world nuts) will flip the switch September 10th and the seventeen mile long machine will smash atoms the likes never seen before. The the scientists at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) hope to discover exactly what happened moments after the Big Bang that allegedly brought the universe into existence some fourteen billion years ago. Of course, if we humans go messing around and create mini Big Bangs ourselves might we not be walking a fine line between destroying ourselves and possibly creating entirely new universes on our own? Boggles the mind, doesn't it? No? Okay, whatever.

We still have about a month before the LHC crew sends two particle beams traveling at near the speed of light in opposite directions on collision course with either historical scientific discovery or the end of the world. Either one should be quite interesting to witness.

By the way, Kate McAlpine is a science writer and press officer at CERN and provides the vocals on the video. The LHC crew simplified the real science behind the collider by humorously breaking it down with the assistance of MC Stephen Hawking's voicebox. With obvious pride in the potential scientific breakthroughs and destructive power of the LHC, McAlpine raps, "The things that it discovers will rock you in the head." Notice she didn't follow it up with, "You can't run from mini black holes that will make you dead." In McAlpine's favor is that CERN scientists agree her portrayal of the project is scientifically "right on" and "brilliant". Hey, if you are going to create a potential rip in the space-time continuum you may as well go out with a sweet viral video on your resumé.

Of course, this whole LHC thing could be just one more evil step to opening a portal between dimensions by disrupting the Van Allen Belt. This would allow the demon Nephilim from Nibiru (also lovingly known as Planet X) to attack us in 2012 and thus, ultimately to do battle with God at Armageddon. Therefore, it is possible that the so called 'scientists', who are only cloaked Free Mason satanists, are literally building a stargate for Satan himself and ushering in the end of humankind. Or is that, hastening the Second Coming of Christ? It's all so confusing but you just never know...


EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

The last time I had a big bang like that, the old lady tore my back up!

Bonez said...

We never know what to expect from you, EuroYank (big grin). Glad you found some bit of humor in the pending end of the world LHC may bring down on us all. It could all happen within microseconds but I am pretty sure that Luxembourg is much closer to CERN than Hotlanta... therefore you are (possibly) going to be sucked into that mini black hole (or alternate dimension) long (relatively speaking in the scope of things) before I am. Still that won't give me much time to gloat over "I told ya' so!"

Mindstorm1 said...

Interesting that you tie Planet X or NIBIRU together with The Large Hadron Collider . This is the first blog i have seen do so . Planet X is supposed to entering our orbit again , so who knows if they don't find The Higgs Boson Field maybe the folks at Cern will rip a big enough hole in Space-Time so we can escape . Great post! .

Bonez said...

Today's initial tests of the LHC were "successful" but to what extent I haven't discovered yet this morning. I may post more updates on Bonez... that is if the evil demon hordes of our dimensional invading overlords don't prevent me from doing so.

But seriously (NOT)... What if the whole point is to bust a hole through the Van Allen Belt ... but not to allow something IN... but to allow something OUT? The search for the God Particle may be more tied to allowing Satan and his fallen angels from the lost revolt on God during the great angelic wars to escape from his imprisonment on Earth! Any well-trained (mind-controlled?) evangelical fundamentalist Christian can tell you that that old devil was cast out of heaven along with all of his fellow angel warriors who sided with him and locked within the Earth's atmosphere to await final judgment and casting into the eternal lake of fire. Woo hoo! Maybe I am on to some research for a cool story/Bonez post. That is if I have time before the Second Coming or the space gods returning.