Monday, September 15, 2008

McCain's Health National Security Risk

Just as there are many anti-Obama websites and organizations, John McCain has his own to hound him. "The Real McCain" is a watchdog group that utilizes videos to get their message and opinion out. I am posting this particular one since it was brought to my attention by a trusted doctor friend and it addresses a specific question I myself have had since the beginning of McCain's campaign. What would happen if John McCain were to take ill or worse and not be capable of fulfilling his responsibilities as President? Is Sarah Palin his serious answer to that?

Quote from The REAL McCain about this video:
"John McCain has not yet released his medical records to the public. McCain is 72 years old, and has been diagnosed with invasive melanoma. In May of this year, a small group of selected reporters were allowed to review 1,173 pages of McCain's medical records that covered only the last eight years, and were allowed only three hours to do so. John McCain's health is an issue of profound importance."

I agree. All presidential and vice presidential candidates should have full disclosure of their medical records for review by a team of top physicians and psychologists. This team would then judge the likelihood of "survivability" of the candidate to fulfill their term. I am not saying the details of those records should become public knowledge, though. However, anyone being considered for such a high office should be treated no less with background investigations and qualification than any high-paid CEO or such position of a major corporation, if not more so.


Mrs. Hall said...

I agree.

GeologyJoe said...

absolutely, his health is an issue.

Bonez said...

I think his age and health are another reason we heard early on so many comments about how Palin was ready to take over the presidency. Say what?!? I don't want to vote for someone who thinks he/she may not make it through their elected term. That would be nonsense.