Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OPEC Induced Nozzle Rage Against Terrorism

Like most of us, the folks at Nozzle Rage sponsored by Citizens for Energy Freedom are pissed off about OPEC raping everyone (worldwide!) with their oil price fixing and funding of terrorist organizations. Nozzle Rage uses two videos by the infamous Zucker Brothers to help get their point of view across very effectively. It is a wake up call to stop bending over and taking it up the gas tank and let your voice be heard. Visit Nozzle Rage today and subscribe to their newsletter and find out what you can do to free the U.S. from funding terrorists, compromising our national security, increasing our debt and destroying our environment. Nozzle Rage will show you how to write to your congressman or senator to make known your opinion on protecting our interests from foreign oil and terrorist funding entities.

OPEC wants to see the U.S. economy fail which will give them even more power over the Free World. Flex Fuel Vehicles and an open fuel standard are part of the overall plan to free America foreign oil dependency. Hybrids, Fuel Cell, and all-electric cars are another step along with incentives to citizens and companies for developing, purchasing and supporting those technologies. Utilizing wind, solar, geothermal, and ocean wave energies along with our own natural gas and oil reserves could allow us to reduce our dependency even further from the 70+% it is today.

[Submitted by William P.]


Anonymous said...

I was told about your blog by a friend and i must admit you didn't dissapoint . Some interesting information you have on here , i think i just might get hooked on this blog . The point in question energy . I am a firm believer that either low/clean energy has been invented and the patents bought up by the big companies to keep us focused on oil usage . Maybe even free energy who can know for sure , but tesla's patents were deffinately bought up and it makes you wonder why if as we are told by history that he was just an eccentric inventor who's inventions did not work most of the time . I will take more convincing on the funding of terrorism though .

Bonez said...

Welcome to Bonez, Dudeonice. I agree with you that Tesla was a man ahead of his time and most likely his electrical genius surpassed Edison's. In fact, we would live in a different world today if Tesla had had the business savvy and cutthroat attitude of Edison and his inventions would have reigned.

What convincing do you need to understand that a majority of the foreign oil consumed by the U.S. (and Europe) comes from Middle Eastern fields. Many of these countries' leaders either openly or secretly support many of the "terrorist" organizations with the very riches WE give them through purchasing their products. Thus, we ourselves are indirectly financing the very terroristic actions against us through our oil gluttony.