Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin Pwn3d By Lisa Nova Spoof

Hey, I know this vid has already gotten well over a million views and that Bonez is behind the times (what's new Crew?) but I can't help myself from jumping in and supporting the work of one of my favorite online comedians. Lisa Nova has been one of my many closet vices for quite some time. Her viral video spoof of Sarah Palin and John McCain had me laughing out loud and glad that others besides myself find the obvious humor in today's circus of a presidential race. I haven't had this much fun deciding on who to vote for since Tricky Dick was running way back when. Lisa is at her most awesome level of hilarity when she's totally into the characters she's spoofing. This funny Sarah Palin spoof video proves once again that Lisa Nova is still one of the funniest vloggers ever. Now I will quietly put Ms. Nova back into my little secret vice closet and shut the eff up.


Mindstorm1 said...

It's interesting how we in the U.K. are viewing Sarah Palin . Believe it or not most people here are following the race to the Whitehouse with great interest . We are all convinced (In Most Of Our Media Anyway) that McCain will now win . That fact scares us . Not McCain but the fact that maybe he is on his last legs (Physically) and that Sarah Palin will be the leader of The Free World . She has been called a Fembot here , that she is just too perfect like she was made in a factory and that she is CRAZY ! . She has been viewed as a Female Terminator and that fact scares us more than another term of Bush ! . Sorry if this offends anyone but hey that's the U.K.s Free Press for you !!! .

Bonez said...

Thanks for visiting Bonez, Mindstorm1. I have found that most Europeans are terrified by anyone who knows how to use a firearm and aren't afraid of using it (smiling tongue-firmly-in-cheek as I write this). I can only imagine that a gun toting woman makes most Europeans want to pee their pants in fear and trembling. Most Americans do not see her as anything too scary excepting in her support of continuing where Bush leaves off and in her popping out of nowhere as a Republican PR puppet trying to wrestle votes from the Democrats. As for her being a heartbeat away from the Presidency... I wouldn't worry too much about that, either. I am sure the Good Ol' Boys Club that really runs the government(s) has that already well under control and planned for to prevent. "Fembot" and "Female Terminator" are hilarious nicknames I sure she's not really deserving of :) That would be affording her too much power and I have seen no evidence presented of her being so politically or morally ruthless to warrant such monikers. Anywho, it is interesting to see some of our Euro Friends' thoughts on the craziness that is American politics.

Mindstorm1 said...

Well my friend you are right that she does make us pee our pants . But not because she is a female power model (Did i say model . Oops) remember we in the U.K. did have a WOMAN in control of our country at one stage (I think we beat you on that one) . It's the fact that she is a CREATIONIST who believes the universe was made in 7 days . What's worse she is a CREATIONIST with a GUN ! . You are correct we only get to hear one side of the story here and people in the U.S. obviousely are getting the full story and to be fair to her as the U.K. gets more secular and religion gets to go more on the back-burner our media is having a field day with her beliefs . What is strange though she has become a bit of a pin-up-poster-girl here , most men love her . But yes it's safe to say that we in the U.K. are peeing our pants in terror at the rise of the 'FEMBOT' !!! .

Thinkinfyou said...

Either way the election goes, it will make history. To tell you the truth...I like her.

Bonez said...

~ Mindstorm1 ~ Women leading governments is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination. Been done a long time around the world. However, a candidate should not be judged on "capability" based upon their sex, race OR religion. Just like we are not supposed to take those things into consideration when we are looking at job applicants for any other job. In other words, just because Sarah Palin may "believe" differently than me in her religious or spiritual system does not mean she is prone to force those beliefs on someone else. The same concern was had by those against John Kennedy because he was Catholic. Laughable now but serious business then. The Republicans were shrewd in their selection of Palin. They obviously went for something that would counter act the Republicans' discomfort in McCain and be attractive (in all senses) to the disenfranchised Hilary supporters (that primarily want a women in the White House no matter who she is or what her qualifications) and be an answer to something as "radical" as black man running for President. It is sickening that people may vote for her because they find her pretty instead of can she do the job. I am not saying she can't do the job. But to me there is no difference in voting for her because she is a woman or pretty than there is for voting for or against Obama because he is black... or even because his name "sounds" Middle Eastern or Muslim and not based upon his abilities to perform the job function. Palin should be considered for what she is... a ploy by the Republicans attempting to sway voter opinion toward them and away from the real issue of who may best represent the country. Again, I am not saying either Party is better than the other here but only pointing out discomfort with strategists manipulating public opinion like an advertising scam versus trying to build the best team possible for running and improving our country.

~ Thinkinfyou ~ You are absolutely correct. Whichever party wins this one will shatter the glass ceiling that has kept minorities and women out of the highest offices of this country. But, for you to say you "like her" means (to me) that the Republicans knew what they were doing in selecting Palin... they wanted people to once again "like" them versus fear them. McCain looked too much like another war monger that wished to extend the war on terrorism and reduce the freedoms of the American people even further. Palin now paints a pretty face on a reality of a government regime that most (at least 50%) Americans have not been happy with and want to replace. Palin confuses that and potentially makes people want to vote for that party for the wrong reasons. I would say the same thing for any blacks who plan on voting for Obama just because he's black. Which actually confuses me somewhat... he's 1/2 white so why does he consider himself black? Couldn't he just as easily claim his whiteness :) See... it's all so silly in the end. The two party system no longer works and there are many more similarities between the two parties than differences nowadays.

Hoo boy. I don't like politics and don't like talking about them. Maybe I had better quit while I am ahead... or is that already too late?

Mindstorm1 said...

Hey slow down :-) That was not my opinion it is the opinion of our mass media . In fact our media in the U.K. have been rooting for obama from the start . In fact MY opinion is that you should not judge any candidate for a party based on colour , race , religion , belief system or creed , but on their pledges and policies . The trouble is that people are getting tired of any party breaking all of the above when they get into office , and with the way our western society judges people on personalities the poppulace will vote on the likeability factor rather than the policies factor . In fact any election is based on money power wealth and personality . Whoever gets in it won't matter as nothing will change unless those that choose who will be their mouthpiece are told to change . A case in point Kennady went against the grain and was replaced . The presidant is chosen already and nothing will stop who they have hand picked and groomed for power . Anyone remember Bush and Florida ? . In the U.K. we used to have 2 distinct parties that stood for seperate ideologies but now they are almost identical , so in reality there is NO CHOICE for us here . I enjoyed your post . ! . MINDSTORM

Thinkinfyou said...

I agree with you ,Tony. I'm not satisfied with any of the candidates,but I can bet ya that McCain will end up winning....just my gut feeling.

Bonez said...

~ Mindstorm ~ That's the problems with political discussions... there are too many nuances and topics that all gets to be a mishmash of nonsensical data points and personal opinion biased by misconceptions and filtered through the various layers of our own lives. Wow, this is frustrating, isn't it?

But also again, we basically agree on most of it. The two party system no longer works (if it ever really did). The next president of the United States is already chosen and there really isn't much average Joe/Jane citizen can do about it except pretend to believe his/her one measly vote actually accounts for something. And, we don't have much of a choice in the fact that both major parties are primarily the same and most likely ran by the same persons in those dark backroom control centers we enjoy envisioning that the Illuminati inhabit.

Here's the rub for me... I truly sincerely hold out hope that I am wrong. I hope that it is still possible for me to make a difference and that my voice can be heard. I hope that the fascist decline in my country can be reversed (by who I don't really give a crap) and we can once again stand proud as a nation of truth and justice (was that ever ever ever really true or did that only happen in the Superman comics?). I hope that we can once again become a place where every child... of every race and every sex can dream of becoming the President of the United States and more. I hope that all of our tarnished images can once again be polished and put back on display to the world that yes, we are here for you and we care. We care not about our own selfish agendas and controlling the world, but we genuinely care about making the world a better place for all of humanity and live each day with that goal.

I know... I know... most likely I am a delusional fool that actually faithfully and selfishly served his country... ready to die for it and prepared to do so... but that fervor and love was misplaced and based upon the grand lie generated by our controlling masters and not fostered by true loving servant leaders of the people. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the dream and think that dream is worth preserving.

As my old pal Stan Lee said many times... 'Nuff Said.

~ Thinkinfyou ~ Gut feelings are very important and some would call it "intuition". If McCain is the one "they" want then McCain is the one "they" will get. No matter how many chits must fall :) However, I think it is still too early to tell and I don't have my money down on anyone particular group of candidates yet.