Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Barack Obama is That One

That One
["That One" logo compliments of Abby Taylor]


Mrs. Hall said...

Two thoughts:

1. You should not give babies bottles of bottled water, it puts them at risk for water intoxication. This is because babies are more fatty tissue than water.

Ok-that was a total nurse moment.

2. Another nurse moment-fighting with insurance companies to get patient's medications paid for. I swear to God, I have spent years of my life filing out 'prior auths'.

Nurses and doctors fight HMOs (aka managed care) at every turn because their job is to save money. Really, it is not that insurance companies are evil, they are just trying to stay in business.

Yet every year, the premiums, co pays and deductibles rise. Thus creating a two standard of care for patients, one for the poor, one for the rich.

But, there is no way the health care system, in this country is NOT bankrupt, at this point.

Let's use a unified system. Health care should be not for profit. It should be responsible though. It has to be better than the current 'managed care'.

Basically, managed care is neither.

Mrs. Hall

Bonez said...

I agree, health care for all should be a basic right for all Amercians. The question is how do we provide excellent progressive health care to everyone who needs it? What system do we use and how to we pay for it? How do we keep it from diving into mediocrity or worse? How do we pay our good nurses and doctors and researchers and facilities?