Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bonez Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Three years, two hundred and thirteen thousand plus page views and well over 1,200 individual posts later Bonez is going stronger and is more alive than ever. Little did I know when I created this blog that it would still be around or in this form three years later. Bonez was sort of a departure from and a rebound from my previous blog Bad Monkey No Banana (BMNB). BMNB ended up a memorial to my brother, Charles, who passed away after suffering from head and neck cancer. I thought I had sworn off blogging but realized just how therapeutic it was for me... yes, I "needed" it.

Bonez has continued to evolve and morph and, I am certain, will continue to do so on into the future. I want to thank the many people who have contributed to the success of Bonez either by being active co-authors and members of the Bonez Crew or have suggested content or topics for posts via e-mail. Over the years we have gone through a gambit of emotions and events and made many friends and probably even a few "enemies". Such is the life of a blogger and a blog.

We pride ourselves that our page views are credited as "pure" and primarily search engine driven hits and read by regular visitors versus the paid for or traffic engine generated pass-thru some bloggers use to inflate their numbers. Oh, we must admit to our own share of hit whoring and experimentation but all in good fun and in hope of spreading our silliness to those in dire need of silliness in their lives around the world. Our goal is still to draw quality traffic from people who want to be here and share with us the zaniness and diversity that is Bonez.

Bonez has also attempted to educate and inform people that we are all much more similar to each other than we are different and we should not dwell too much on those differences. Sometimes we all take some things too damn seriously... but then again, sometimes we don't take some things seriously enough. Bonez will continue to open its arms and collective mind up to new ideas and respect the thoughts of others. Bringing a smile, some tad bit of insight or a new twist on an old idea is what we are all about. We will keep on doing just that because the reality is that blogging is about doing what we like without regard to a possible audience. We want to keep it fun or let it go. How it all ends up remains to be seen but we will enjoy the ride while it lasts.


Mrs. Hall said...

Happy Blog B-day Tony:

I started my own wee blog three months ago (I think). Turns out I have quite a backlog of writing to get out there after a ten year haitus.

I still had writing from the ten years. But, I had nowhere to put them. They didn't belong on my personal blog.

Then I started putting things here. I thought that once I finished with what I wanted to give I would be done.

Turns out, I was wrong.

Writing on a team blog allows the author to go down a different writing path. Different from a personal blog. It allows the author to shape the expression differently. It is two separate tunnels to go down.

Well, at this point, I still wholeheartedly blend the blogs. But, I feel a separation starting.

Ironically, the more I separate my writing here from my personal blog, the less I feel like a vistor, and the more I feel like a contributor.


Thank you for the opportunity and place to put my older stuff.


Mrs. Hall

Bonez said...

Holly, you stopped being a visitor when you accepted the invitation to join the Bonez Crew and posted your first piece. You are, indeed, a full fledged contributor to Bonez and a part of its legacy now. Thank you for that and thank you for pointing out one of the great things about a team blog. The fact that an author can experiment on take a different "rabbit hole" than the one they may be creating on their own personal blog. Each writer is different and choose to do things here differently and that's okay, too. Some co-authors never even had their own blogs and some started their own blogs after playing on Bonez and gaining their blogging legs. Some who had successful blogs in their own rights either cross or double posted entries from their own blogs (some still do) or used Bonez to enjoy the freedom of expanding their stylist approaches and reading audience.

It's all good :)

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Great place and I hope that it continues!

Mrs. Hall said...


Thank you for the compliments. I think I still feel like a vistor though. I think maybe there should be some team building or something to feel more part of things.

Maybe have the co-authors interview each other. Like one author interviewing another. Or give random assignments to each other.

I am sure there are a lot of things that can be done inter author wise.

Go Team Bonez!


Mrs. Hall