Friday, October 24, 2008

Bonez Friday Vidz

With Halloween coming up I thought it may be a good idea to remind people that the best defense in a zombie attack is advanced preparation and knowledge. Don't be caught unawares and find yourself suddenly surrounded by a mass of shambling undead lusting to feast on your delectable body parts and you with no suitable defensive weapon at hand. Be a good Bonez Scout and do your zombie homework now before you are confronted with the realization that you are zombie fast food to go. Bonez zombie defense tip of the day: You can always beat them to death with their own arm.

Some people take their Rock Paper Scissors games very seriously. If you have the maniacal fervor of a Dragonball Z fan you may be in for a memorable battle to the death with your honor and very life hanging in the balance.

A beautifully perfect emergency landing at Atlanta's Fulton County airport was captured on film. So many times we hear and see the tragic results of aircraft accidents so it is good to witness one with a much happier ending. The pilot's heroic control in this crisis situation is amazing and his almost nonchalant attitude when exiting from the aircraft is commendable.

Nothing beats a great massage given by an understanding and loving caregiver. No matter what species he or she may be.

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