Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Dream Within a Dream - Part 2

Dream Spirit Guides[Read Part 1 Here]
A dream within a dream. A confusing concept I had not contemplated before. But that's exactly what happened. My dream character closed his eyes and momentary darkness turned to dreaming. And I found myself whisked from the perspective of observer of the dream-self character to become fully engulfed into his psyche and persona. I was he and he was I and the distinction between dreamer and the dreamed evaporated. I found myself transported inside of him fully and became him totally. I was the one lying there on the narrow cot in that darkened and dank subterranean cubicle on some alternate future post-apocalyptic Earth. And this is what he... or I... or we ... dreamed.

I found myself in a vast room that appeared made entirely from a beautiful white and gray marble and the room was filled with a bright illumination that seemed to come from all around versus from a single point. The architecture reminded me of ancient Greece as there were a lot of very tall and ornate marble columns. The columns didn't appear to be supporting anything as I could see how tall they were and where their tops were but the ceiling was much further up and out of sight.

I turned around and around as trying to get my bearings when I was unexpectedly confronted with an individual standing in front of me. He, or maybe she, was dressed in a silver/gray tunic that was skin tight and resembled something that would have appeared on a Star Trek television show. As to my confusion on this person’s sex I say that whenever I find myself in the presence of these dream entities I have difficulty discerning their sex. I seem to know their "sex" in the dream but recounting it seems to be unclear and the idea of sexual division or separation doesn't seem quite correct. He had olive colored skin and thick, long curly black hair. I was not startled by him and, in fact, knew him and feel comfortable with him. His uniform had some strange writing on his left breast. It was a series of characters I didn't recognize and I asked this person what it said. He nonchalantly said, "Oh, that tells you what the individual is going to teach you. For instance..." and with that he raised a very large book I had not noticed him holding in front of him and opened it so I could see. Then he continued his explanation, "I am to teach you the terms and definitions you need to know. Here, in this book is every term and definition you will need to fully understand."

"Understand what?" I asked feeling bewildered.

"Spatial Understanding", he stated in a matter of fact tone and put the book directly in my face.

"Special Understanding?" I asked still puzzled.

"No, Spatial not special," he said as if frustrated and talking patiently with a child. Then he literally spelled it out for me, "S-P-A-T-I-A-L, spatial." And then it seemed as if it was very clear to me and I understood what he meant. However, I cannot tell you at this moment what it was I thought I understood.

The book appeared to be a sort of dictionary that listed words and phrases with their definitions. There were no pictures, just text. The text was similar to the strange characters on his tunic but I was able to read them and I was growing excited as I read. My guide just held the book in front of me and turned the pages as I finished each one (without me telling him to, I might add). It all made so much sense. It was all so clear now. This was so simple and made so much sense out of ... everything? It was also something that I needed to know and would help me. I felt a sense of urgency and thought to myself that I needed to remember all of this whenever I awoke because it was so important. I concentrated harder on what was being shown and told to me because I didn't want to miss a thing.

Quickly and sooner than I liked, the book was completed and the gray-suited being closed the massive volume. I felt anxiety because I could already feel the knowledge I just observed slipping away. Slipping away from me the dreamer who would not remember enough in my physical form of what I just learned. I struggled to remember what I had just seen, but yet, I knew that I had learned what I was supposed to even if my physical self couldn't contain it.

The being in gray was smiling and said, "Now you must move on to the others." Then there was another person standing in front of me who looked very much like the first. This entity was more definitely female in her presence and she was dressed in a white outfit of the same style as the first person. The characters over her left breast were different than the first. I don't know if I could read them or not. She began speaking and a large view screen materialized behind and to the left of her as she faced me.

"Now I will show you the symbols and their meanings," she said as she turned ever so slightly towards the screen. On it all sorts of symbols began to appear then fade away to be replaced by a new and different symbol. I could no longer see my teacher as my full attention was focused on the screen and the rapidly changing symbols but I could hear her voice telling me the name and meaning of each symbol as it appeared. It seems that we went through the symbols several times as I recall them repeating themselves and I was naming them with her as they did so. Sort of like a lesson review.

Again, I was filled with the sense that these symbols were spiritually significant and that I should remember them so that I could write them all down whenever I awoke. As the screen darkened and no more symbols appeared I felt the knowledge again slipping away from my consciousness. I must assume it only slipped away from my physical self and not my spiritual or else why would these teachers even have bothered?

The next being that was suddenly in front of me also had a view screen but it was much smaller and on a pedestal of some sort. Almost like an old fashioned computer terminal. This person was dressed in the same style outfit as the other two but the outfit was bright red and the description tag on its left breast was different. The "computer" screen came to life and an object like some sort of complex machine appeared. "I am to show you the objects and their functions," a voice said which I naturally assumed was my third teacher speaking. This session was much like the one with the symbols except each one of the objects appeared to be mechanical in nature and I felt amazement as I suddenly realized that I fully understood the function of each of the objects that appeared. Again, I found myself thinking in the physical self that I wanted to remember every one of these objects and their functions. But whenever the lesson was over and the screen blanked out I felt the knowledge of the miraculous devices fading rapidly. I remember thinking that I should force myself to awaken at that very moment while the information was still fresh and write immediately what I had seen. But I couldn't and the next lesson soon began.

I write this only a few hours after awaking and even now the scenes grow more cloudy and confused. I do my best not to embellish anything in recounting my dreams and thus will sometimes avoid writing a detail that I am not certain was just the way it happened in the dream. That is the case now with the next two teachers. I remember the next individual after the one dressed in red was dressed in blue, but I cannot tell you what we discussed or what I may have been shown. I just don't remember now. The next teacher or master was dressed in the same style outfit as the others but the clothing was all black. Again, I don't know what this person said to me or showed me (if anything). If there was someone after the teacher in black (and I sense there was) I can't recall their color or content of our contact.

Spirit TeacherThis is frustrating for me because even now I know that what I was shown and instructed was of major importance. Possibly this experience was only important for my soul and not intended for the flesh. I sincerely think this to be an example of my soul receiving instruction and comfort from a realm it visits frequently and that I (the flesh I) was allowed to observe it but barred from remembering the exact details. Exactly why, I don't know and won’t venture to guess.

The dream ended with me rising into the air. I was looking down watching the beautiful marble floor recede beneath me. After I was a ways into the air I could see that I had been in the center of a circle of these teachers. As I got higher into the air the teachers only became dots that formed a perfect circle and a voice came into my mind. I don't remember the exact words but it said something about the dots that formed the circle that I was hovering above. The voice said that each of the teachers had represented a part of the spatial teachings and each had a relation to the other that represented the whole. Once more, at the time I fully understood what the voice was telling me but now don't have a clue as to the meaning.

I felt a sudden sadness at leaving these teachers but then I felt a calmness and peace as if I knew that I would be returning sometime in the future for more instruction. I rose higher and higher until the circle of teachers was just a dot itself on a vast white background. I awoke and noted that it was thirty minutes before my alarm was to go off but I felt refreshed and excited to start documenting what I had just dreamed.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

That was an odd dream.

Mrs. Hall said...


I don't have much to add here. But, I am a big believer that dreams help us, or rather, our brain, working properly.

Dreams, to me, are like the little mechanics, fixing and repairing our brains while we sleep. Keeping things running smoothly during the day.

Freud had all sorts of ideas and theories about dreams. But, best not to go there right now.

Basically, what I see here, is very useful for you. And very translatable. For instance, when you (and the man in your dream) were falling asleep, you were worried about the 'ramifications', hence the tight quarters and sullied curtains. These are a direct representation of anxiety.

Then the dream goes to a place of calm and comfort. With important teachings. You are obviously a learned man. Thus, the teachers taught you through recognizable means (books, screens, et cetera). But, you also have an active spiritual life. And these symbols and meanings behind the symbols were felt as well as learned.

Let me clarify this. What we feel and know about the spirit or spirituality can be quantified and symbolized many, many ways. (Just walk through any Catholic Church and the symbolization is almost overwhelming)...

But if spirituality is to have any meaning to us, it must be felt. It is only through feelings or affect, that knowledge is embedded. Put another way, if we don't feel it, then we can't remember it.

I believe this is what you meant as when you talked about reviewing the teachings, and having the symbols falling away. And then you said, "Maybe this experience is not for the flesh". Because really, I don't think it was.

I work with brains, thought and emotions every day in my practice. (I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner). And it never fails to surprise me just how deep the well is. And for what we know about the inner workings of the brain, we know a whole lot less. After all, we are not just gray matter and chemicals.

I am so happy this brought you peace and energy.

Wait, I guess I did have something to add.


Mrs. Hall

PS This post has inspired a post of my own (which will be up next week).

Cerulean said...

Thank you for reading it, Ole Blue the Heretic. An interesting name you have. I like some of your poems on your blog.

Cerulean said...

Mrs. Hall, you are spiritually insightful and attuned to the vibrations of the Universe. You are a "sensitive" and this ability aides you, no it actually enhances or augments and empowers you, in your chosen profession. I sense you will be richly blessed with your calling. I am extremely grateful and humbled that you took the time to read and comment on my dream.

I too believe that dreams are tools to help us cope with our awakened lives and often provide us with clues to better ourselves both in the physical and spiritual realms. I am astounded that more people do not appear to dream every time they close their eyes. I cannot imagine my life without the vivid, lucid, colorful dreams I enter every sleeping moment. Thus, when I call myself a "Dreamer" I mean it at several levels of my existence.

I had not considered the "tight quarters and sullied curtains" as being indicative of anxiety but it appears to fit succinctly with your suggested interpretation. Especially considering that at that time in my life I was dealing with extreme, nearly unbearable stress and anxiety in my waking moments.

I have submitted this particular dream to several spiritual masters recently and they all, without fail, have drawn some of the same conclusions as you have. That this dream (and several others dealing with the same "teachers") are actually spiritually instructive and meant for my higher spiritual self and that my spirit does, indeed, retain all the knowledge imparted in these dream sessions.

My release of this dream here on Tony's blog is my way of acknowledging the impact this and other dreams have had on my waking life. I am a changed man from the time when these dreams occurred and I am currently seeing the preparation they were for my Here and Now. Another part of posting the dreams is that I "feel" it will be inspirational and supportive to others who have experienced similar dream instructions from the "teachers". Maybe it will also open the door for communications concerning the overall accelerated enlightenment of Earth and how we are all One and jointly responsible for the Dream of the Planet.

Mrs. Hall said...

Glad to see I am not alone in my interpretation.

Looks like I am in good company.

Take care and thanks for sharing the dreams,

Mrs. Hall

Bonez said...

Cerulean, this is not "Tony's blog", Dude. You are a part of the Bonez Crew and we are happy to have you aboard. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Make yourself at home and consider this YOUR blog or OUR blog. Remember, there's no "I" in TEAM and blah blah blah blah... (grinning)