Monday, October 27, 2008

Handbook for American Revolutionaries

Interview with Naomi Wolf author of "Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries" given October 4, 2008 on Mind Over Matters, KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle. Naomi Wolf brought to America's "attention" the ten steps to fascism and the slippery slope the United States is on under the George W. Bush regime.

We are on the verge of martial law and the Republicans have put into motion the final pieces necessary to launch a police state. Hyped emergencies and crises. Mobilization of military troops for "crowd control". Seven hundred billion dollar bailout. And so more.

I am not a political debater or pundit so please read more insightful and intelligent commentary at Dr. Mercola's.

It is up to each individual to seriously consider the information provided here and verify it on their own. It is not my place to try and sway anyone but only to put forth potential intel that will help someone make a decision they are comfortable with. Therefore, I am adding an additional video where Naomi Wolf discusses her book "The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot" presented October 11, 2007 at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus.

[Submitted by Dottie S.]

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