Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SNL Sarah Palin Rap

Sarah Palin took a break from the campaign trail last week to appear on Saturday Night Live in several skits. From backstage she watched Tina Fey encoring her now famous Sarah Palin impersonation. Actually, Fey played Palin so much better than Palin played herself. The above video was shot during the "Weekend Update" segment of the show, Palin "danced" in her seat to a hilarious "Alaskan Rap Song" that touched on many of the controversial aspects of Palin's short political career. I have to give her credit for being a good sport and presenting a good humored performance while taking (at least on camera) all the political jabs at her personality and colorful history in stride.

I will humbly admit that once I saw the real deal Palin compared directly to the Sarah Palin impersonation of Tina Fey that the real Sarah Palin is physically hotter, in some respects. Hey, I have always thought Tina Fey was a babe. However, Sarah Palin playing Sarah Palin is much less stimulating intellectually and appears to be more shallow and less interesting... no real depth, I guess. She did do some pretty good chair dance moves, though, and I am sure that alone will keep the Palin groupies drooling until election day.

Bonez gives her two thumbs up for VP candidate hotness and groovie moves, but one thumb down for wearing on our nerves with her bizarre plastic robot doll behavior. She's trying too damn hard to impress Americans to think she is a down home hockey Mom who's a political dynamo for change and the people. When the truth is more like she's a political puppet who was selected as running mate based solely on her demographic appeal and potential for luring votes away from the Democrats and Libertarians. She's either naive to the realities of what's going on and will be stunned once they are revealed to her or she's a willing dupe and, in my opinion, that is even worse. Whichever it is, you can easily see someone else pulling her stings and filtering her heavily from the public more so than any other candidate (Presidential or VP) to date.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Weeell, I think I will keep my mouth shut because I think Palin is...

Mrs. Hall said...

I kind of feel really sad about the whole thing.

I mean, it's like when a gay character first appeared on main stream TV or a mainstream movie. If you were gay you might take some pride in the whole thing.

But she isn't gay, but a working mother who is serving others. And I was very excited to see her up there, and her kids, doing what she does. Of course I indentified.

But the more she talks, the more I am just saddened by the whole thing. I mean, she was to represent a lot of women. Women who don't automatically fan out in liberal colors despite their caring nature. Women who can work and maintain a loving family with awesome kids. (yes, I am talking about me ;)

I think the thing that makes me the most sad is that she is just, ug, not that smart.

I don't think she is evil, just misguided and using the wrong judgement.

And I think at first, the campaign was impressed with her spirit and confidence. And that can only cover up lack of depth and intelligence for so long.


I hope she doesn't win. But not for reasons everyone puts out there. But because she has five kids and one of them has down syndrome.

I mean, who is she kidding. She needs to put them first and perhaps stay at home. Or get a job that is has reasonable hours.

Mrs. Hall

(working mom of two but not a plumber)

Bonez said...

Palin is a what, Ole Blue? Come on, share with us all. You know we are all free thinkers here at Bonez and welcome all ideals and opinions to be expressed freely.

Bill Donovan said...

Interesting points! I have to say that I really, really hope that Obama wins, because I am scared of Palin. I watch Hardball with Chris Matthews a lot, and he makes the point that she is an ideologue and intellectually incurious, and I think that is not what the USA needs right now.

Bonez said...

Mrs. Hall, I am sad about our whole political process. I have to look at all of your comments as a whole and I do understand the "oh wow, we can have a woman in power and that in some sort of way makes all women proud and like we've moved up the food chain or something" attitude. BUT... just like I have been ranting about a black saying they are voting for Obama ONLY because he is construed (I say "construed" because he's also White and I never quite understand how people love branding people based on skin color versus their humanity) as Black is wrong wrong wrong wrong. I know many women who would normally be totally against everything Sarah Palin truly "stands for" who have moved from Hilary or Democrat to vote for the Republicans just because she is a woman! How ludicrous and shallow is that? How silly and ... dangerous. Just what the Republicans wanted to happen. But, I do understand it... don't condone it but do understand the humanness behind it. How about the gay women or those who support Pro Choice or those who want us out of the wars in the Middle East, etc. etc. etc. suddenly throwing themselves at the feet of Palin... wow, I am saddened by how easily the American people are emotionally manipulated by the puppet masters we call government.

Bonez said...

"Intellectually incurious"... I like that Bill D. Palin is a poorly chosen pawn and a ploy by the Republican party to do an end around on the Democrats. They had hope to take advantage of Hilary Clinton losing the nomination to Obama and also to counter the Americans doubting McCain's health and age. The final slap in the face was to actually "steal" the Obama campaign slogan of "Change" and use Palin as the example of that dedication to change. Now don't get me wrong. I am not 100% happy with the shenanigans of the Democrats, either. In fact, I sincerely think there is less difference between the two parties than ever before in history. It is time to do away with the two party system and the electoral college.

Mrs. Hall said...


Well, I hoped to be a little more thoughtful than "oh wow, we can have a woman in power and that in some sort of way makes all women proud and like we've moved up the food chain or something".

I don't see her as a woman, I see her as a mom in public service. This does raise the profile and general discussion of these kinds of things between people.

And for this, I am happy. Because I feel that moms and family and service of others is so very very important to life.

I am not interested in any food chain. Just a discussion about the fundamentals of life here.

And really, I am not interested in getting into any sort of political discussion.

I'll just leave my comment as is. Feel free to read it again.

There are a lot of nuances there.

At least for me anyway.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Palin is the antithesis to intellectual thought. She is vacant and a person who can only spout out rhetoric that is archaic.
She believes in fairy tales as truth. She is the kind of stupid that is dangerous.

She has enough intellect to really screw something else just like Bush.

Bonez said...

I'm glad you don't have any strong feelings either way about Sarah Palin, Blue. I agree on the principle of what you are saying and what in the world the Republican string pullers were thinking when they selected her. Surely they were looking beyond just using her family as fodder to pull heart strings and her girl next door looks to pull libidos. Maybe not.