Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stairway of Healing Light

heal the worldYesterday, during an hour long meditation that had my spirit joining a distance energy healing of world issues, I experienced several visions. Visions are quite common to me during meditative states and energy or vibrational healing sessions. However, one particular vision has remained strong on my heart. When that happens, I must share and let it go back out to the All That Is. That's because someone somewhere will glimpse some truth for themselves in the message of the vision I humbly share. I am but the willing vessel, the conduit or channel, the messenger of the Universe.

I found myself standing on a step of a very large stairway composed of pure white healing light. the stairway extended upward above me and downward below me further than the eye could see. On each step in both directions there stood a single person. These people were of every race, creed, sex, shape and size with no perceivable pattern as to their selection to stand on their particular step. Then the person on the step below mine handed me a sickened child. This child was horribly emaciated and full of sores and appeared to languish near death. I took the child gently and held him close to my body and felt him mold against me and his frail bones through dry taunt skin. I willed love and healing energies to flow from me into him and I felt tears of compassion begin to flow from my eyes. A time passed and I knew I must turn and hand the child to the person on the step above me who would in turn lov and heal the child themselves and then pass him on to the next step above them. I then took another child from the person on the step below me and this child was ill but not with the same sickness as the previous child. I performed the same loving healing ministrations on the child and felt heat and light pass from me to her. I then turned to hand her to the person on the next step. At this time, I could see that the children were being healed further as they passed upward on the stairway of light and healers. The children became healthier and plumper and full of joy. My tears were warm on my cheeks as I turned to take the next child and saw the line down the staircase to be long and with no end in sight. A momentary helpless response flitted across my mind but then I noticed the constant line of people of all faiths and nations handing children up the stairway to one another and adding their love and healing on the way. Then I noticed that the children being handed to me from the stair below were healthier and less frail and dirty than the earlier ones. It was almost as if they were being healed more quickly on the lower steps before they got to my step. Within a few children I found myself holding a whole child loving and laughing as I took her into my arms. A child that was healing me in return as I held her and loved her unconditionally. What a peaceful loving embrace that we parted reluctantly as I handed her to the step above and saw her changing even then before my eyes. Changing into a woman full of grace and life and light. A healer was born before my eyes on that stairway of light.

Then the vision changed and that may be another story and post for another time.

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You should be eating those fruits and vegetables NOT SMOKING them!