Saturday, October 25, 2008

Three Years? A Monster Looks Back

Hi there, folks. Long time no see. Not for want of interest, mind you, just that life has a way of getting in the way of life, if you catch my drift.

But all of that is circumstantial. What I'm here to talk about is the milestone of three unholy years of terror unleashed by Tony upon the web. A celebration of the daily rigmarole that Tony and his erstwhile crew of bloggers manage to unleash upon the interwebs.

I have been a watcher of Bonez since the earliest days. (If you want to get technical, I was around before Bonez, before Bad Monkey, before blogging even existed.) I stood in the sideline for many years, appreciating the art of what Tony was doing; the back and forth with his readers over the minutiae of whatever topic he felt like discussing.

Over many long years, I told Tony of my deep held love of writing and of my desire to cut my teeth in the skill, to see if I could match on paper (or screen) what I thought I had in my mind. The invitation was laid before me long ago. Only my all too human fears prevented me from taking that plunge.

It was Bonez, however, that gave me the final nudge to try my hand at this. And so on July 10 of 2007, I made my first foray into the world of blogging. (For the record, a meandering and pointless little piece promising things that never came to pass.)

Regardless of my own interpretation, the piece seemed to attract a small crowd of onlookers, and before long I found myself befouling the front page of Bonez several times a week, spilling forth the purulent contents of my mind to an all too eager readership.

But what attracted me most about Bonez was the motley assemblage of writers, the crew of ne'er-do-wells and malcontents that made up the Bonez of the day. It was fun to engage in witty repartee with my co-writers, while all the time challenging myself to meet the challenge that their work presented.

Throughout the years the staff has changed. Such is the way of team blogs. Writers come and writers go. For my own part, I drifted off into my own little self-indulgent world (which I have rarely inhabited of late).

But the absence of new material from me has not dulled my interest in Bonez, nor has it affected the quality and quantity of output that your intrepid team manages to put forth.

It has been a great honor to be a part of the Bonez team and I look forward to future contributions and collaborations.

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Bonez said...

Thank you, E. You have been a loyal friend and supporter for many years... way before Bonez and I am grateful for your friendship and creative soul. Bonez stopped being mine a long time ago. When I felt I wanted to open it up and let it grow on its own and invite others to share in the creative spirit and authorship it stopped being my blog and became almost an entity unto itself. So many people have breathed life into this blog and left little pieces of themselves behind to be shared with whomever wonders by. I think it is all sort of beautiful...