Friday, November 14, 2008


We are All Earthlings.

Earthlings Wikipedia entry
Earthlings - Official Animal Cruelty Awareness Group
Earthlings National Organization
Earthlings official site

Please, view the entire video before responding with comments. This means I probably will have few if any comments since most people don't have the intestinal fortitude to confront the realities of where their food comes from.

UPDATE Saturday November 15th: Funny what people find "controversial" or "over the top" or "tree hugging old hippie bullshit". Since posting this less than twenty-four hours ago, Bonez has lost eight reader subscribers. That really does not matter and I personally don't care if we lose every one of them as we are each individually responsible for our own decisions in life. However, I do think it is interesting to note and something I would like to address. My goal is not to "convert" anyone but only to inform in case there are those who do not truly understand what other Earthlings must endure and suffer before becoming food for humans. Also, to point out that it does NOT have to be this way and only through shared knowledge can people insist on better options in selecting from what sources do they get their foods. Our money and choices drive the markets and the industries that raise or processes our food. Making more sane, healthier, more humane choices in our foods and supporting those companies that have the highest standards and proven humane treatment of their livestock is the only way we can hope to reduce (notice, I am not naive enough to claim "stop") the amount of inhumane and horrific treatment other living things must endure in order to sit on our plates. I am not intending a self-righteous attitude here, folks. I am not "without sin" myself but I am personally working toward using everything in my life... including my diet and food choices... to be something that makes the world a better place for all Earthlings. My hope is that others may find something on Bonez that encourages them to want to willingly do the same.


GeologyJoe said...

hey, whatcha gonna do?
putting ideas (personal or no) out there is part of what a blog is about. The new currency is knowledge and sharing it is how we barter.
the subscribers who dropped don't want to hear it, that's their deal.
me, i try to listen to everything and filter it for myself.

party on!

oh, btw, i only got through about 20 mins of the vid, but I actually know where 95% of my meat comes from...20 miles away.

Mrs. Hall said...

This is the goal for me too Geo-Joe.

Again, like I said in your blog comments, how the animal is cared for translates to us.

So, good.

Perhaps this post can be like a litmus test for the readers.

Perhaps it can weed out the weak ones.

Mrs. Hall

Bonez said...

GeologyJoe ~ You are correct ... putting ideas out there and taking the lumps that may or may not come from them is what blogging is all about. Knowing where your meat really comes from is important and most people do not know even that much. Informed consumers are empowered consumers.

Mrs. Hall ~ I believe the whole blogging process is itself a process of weeding and seeding readers. Some will come and stay for a time and decide they've had enough of our silliness while others can never get enough of it. Many will flit through Bonez in search of something else to feed their interwebs cravings and not see Bonez as anything other than a hiccup in their surfing. Whatever. It's all good. As bloggers we have to be true to ourselves first and post for us. If anyone reads it or gives a squat about it is really secondary.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to look at the truth of what we as humans do to other species. The message you sent out to the universe via this blog has been heard. At least by one. My ears and heart got the message loud and clear. I don't know what I'm going to do with this information. I must process it. I realize, I haven't been doing my make any changes at all. Peferring rather to ignore it all. Thanks for opening my eyes. IndyGirl500

Bonez said...

You are welcome, IndyGirl. Welcome to Bonez and I hope you stick around for a while. I think you will enjoy the ride.

You are right... the decision is up to each and every one of us individually. I don't push my choices off on anyone but I do like to put forth information that may help someone make their own choice the best it can for them.

Thinkinfyou said...
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Bonez said...

Wow, I don't understand why your great supportive comment was deleted Thinkinfyou... I hope I didn't hit the wrong button by accident. Until I find out more I won't comment on your comment in case your comment was miscommented on already or something or other. Sheesh, sometimes blogging can be so confusing...