Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday World Community Grid

The World Community Grid turned four years old and members around the world submitted their video dedications in celebration. You too can join in helping to save lives and find cures with the idle time on your computer. It costs you nothing yet the effort could be priceless to those whose lives it saves some day.

As of today, the World Community Grid has generated more than 198,146 years of computing time and processed over 220,204,843 results in search for treatments and cures. Thousands of man years have been saved through the simple grid computing system and the idle time processing of members' personal computers. The next video will tell you more about how it works and why it is important to consider joining.

This final news report video may explain further the concept of grid computing and the mission of the World Community Grid. The grid computing concept started with search for extra-terrestrial intelligence and may end up discovering cures for some of humanities worst illnesses.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Now that is a community I can support.

Bonez said...

Blue ~ Let me know (even if privately) if you sign up do join the World Community Grid or not. I have been a very active member since the beginning... actually, before they took over from the Fight AIDS @ Home project that was done by another company before IBM became the prime sponsor and motivator. I am a member of the EasyNews group who is pretty much number one in the rankings (not that that is a reason to join... competition, I mean) and EasyNews even offers free Gigs of download capacity with World Community Grid participation (I think it is a free gig for every 15 days of processing time). Anyway, hope you do join and encourage others to do so, too. Can't have too much help with all the great projects going on.