Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Super Obama World Video Game

Super ObamaBarack Obama has finally come into his own on the interwebs with the introduction of his very own online video game. Super Obama World is patterned after the old school Nintendo's Super Mario World game and is actually very fun to play if you like that sort of thing. The game is filled with political satire and has our hero, Super Obama, avoiding lipstick wearing pit bull dogs and evil greedy lobbyists as he scrambles to collect flags. Even good old $150,000 wardrobe baby makin' moose killin' drill baby drill Sarah Ya' Betcha Palin herself makes an appearance or three. The game is free to play online and the developers have plans to create further episodes during Obama's presidency. The game is meant to honor Barack Obama and help celebrate his ascendancy to the highest office in the United States of America.

Republican nominee John McCain enjoyed a fairly good online presence, too, but primarily as a target of parody like the animated Time for Some Campainin' viral video from JibJab Studio. Even Sarah Palin's Palin As President site has now been converted to a more sane and professional appearance as the Barack As President site. You can still witness and laugh at the original Palin as President site here if you desire to wax nostalgic or just want to see Bambi and Thumper shot or see Katie Couric waterboarding or ... well, just go check it out yourself or you'll regret it.

Good things come to those that wait.

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