Monday, December 01, 2008

Back with Blogging Addiction Vengence

Okay, like most dyed in the wool real life bloggers willing to admit their affinity for the craft, I sometimes inadvertently let Life (gasp!) sidetrack my blogging experience. When I do that I always get my system(s) (both physiological system and daily routine system) all out of whack and end up finding myself wandering through my days aimlessly without a sense of purpose or the slightest zest for living. Seriously... well, sorta seriously.

Yes, I am frakkin' addicted to blogging and the interwebs and I don't plan on picking up a white chip any time soon so get over it. I had to. There are far worse addictions I could have saddled myself with. Believe me, I know, because I've probably experienced most of those other addictions at some point in my past. But that's not the point of this post though we may have a little fun exploring some of those other and possibly more colorful addictions somewhere somehow somewhen else here on Bonez. Stick with me, Readers.

So, exactly what sort of Life things kept me from my sweet addiction of blogging? Ah, another sticky point for me (just for now maybe) is that many times I cannot tell my Bonez readers exactly what is going with me in the "real world". Because of concerns of potentially over sharing and thus creating a mind numbing yawner post. OR of maybe revealing too much detail of my day-to-day life that could possibly expose me and those I care for to nut jobs and psycho hose beasts that seem to be to proliferate the web and are always lurking in those dark stinky recesses of the Net. Certain family members are scared that one of those nasty net stalkers will latch on to some tidbit of my textual ramblings and hone in on my family and reenact scenes from one of the Saw movies or something. Hey, it could happen. Isn't that what the evangelical fundamentalists, sensationalistic media and most non-bloggers want the world to believe? Don't "they" try to paint all of us bloggers as being just tad bit this side of that thin line that separates sane non-blogging humanity from the deranged psychopathic child molester murderers who frolic disguised as thirteen year old virgins looking for love over on MySpace?

Mommy BloggerI am not sure if that public civilian (read "non-blogger") definition includes those sickly sweet niche Mommy bloggers, though. You know the ones I'm talking about. Those often "anonymous" female bloggers that post tons of pics and vids of their kids, dogs (a few enlightened ones have cats), plants and gardens, blah blah blah while they type their posts one-handed. One-handed because they are simultaneously and deftly changing mustard-looking poo diapers with the other hand all the while clasping the warmed baby bottles under their chin while they blog and cam? Smilin' and dialin', Baby. Oh, and there is a growing and disconcerting number of Daddy bloggers out there, too. As spooky as that may sound it is happening right under our noses, Folks, so beware of the once studly manly man suddenly becoming a mush-ridden Daddy blogger cooing over the fruit of his loins. And no, most of the time those same Daddy bloggers are not blogging while changing pampers and burping baby but are actually doing it (blogging) while swilling back a few cold ones with their socked feet up in the ol' lazyboy recliner. But, I digress and digression is but one of the wonderful aspects of my blogging technique.

I Am Not Addicted to Blogging!Back to the question of what Life things kept me from gracing the Bonez front page for over a week. I took a little trip to the Land of Opportunity and visited with my adult children and my beautiful and highly energized grandson. Oops, dang it! There I go nearly sounding like one of them Daddy bloggers. (glancing around nervously to see if GeologyJoe is reading this). I think I've been busted...

So, I took a Thanksgiving trip to see my kin in Arkansas and did a lot of contemplating while driving the ten hours each way. I am so grateful to the Bonez Crew members who have bled their own virtual blood and sweat into the life that is Bonez. I want to especially thank Ms. Holly Hall for her filling in the gap of my absence and a special nod to Markoni for his contributions during my time of soul searching and travel.


Mrs. Hall said...

Dude, it's MRS. Holly Hall

But, glad you are back. Hope to hear more from you. Who knows, maybe you could start a whole new type of blogging--Grandpa blogging


Mrs. Holly Hall

Bonez said...

You will be hearing LOTS MORE from me from here on in, MRS. Holly Hall. Sheesh, some people are so damn picky. I doubt that I will be a Grandpa blogger (my grandson calls me G'Pa) and won't start rattling on about my kids and grandchild and the good ol' daize... blah blah blah. But, thank you again, Holly, for helping to give the old Bonez a good swift kick in the creative buttocks.

Hogrider said...

I was going to suggest that you start a Grandpa blogging and Mrs. Holly Hall beat me to it. You should explore blogging as a career. You are very good at it and have a nice following of readers. you'll see me here more often from now on.

Bonez said...

I would not be a good Grandpa Blogger, Hogrider. Just take my word for that without me haveing to go into a gut honest explanation to make my point ... puh-leez! Anywho, I appreciate your kind words about my blogging and Bonez in general, and your commitment to visit often (and comment obviously, woo hoo!). I have a hard enough time feeding and clothing my family with my day job that I doubt I could muster up that kind of moola in a blogging career. At least not in a blogging career that would be any fun at all. But, you never know... maybe my writing can take me in other directions if I connect to the right folks ;) Again, thank you so much for visiting Bonez.

GeologyJoe said...

AH HA! :) LOL. The truth comes out.
Blog long enough and it all comes all comes out.

Blog away Tony and feed the addiction.

Bonez said...

You got me on that one, GeoJoe, but I will not submit to the evil lure of Daddy or Grandpa blogging. Get thee behind me, Daddy Blogger! But I agree, the addiction must be fed or the hunger will drive us to Daddy Blogging faster than you can chuck a trashbag full of crap filled disposable diapers at garbage eating carrion ... or whatever your animal of choice is for dump bombing :)