Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Best Tea Leaves are at the Top

Why are the best tea leaves always all the way up at the top? I know what it is like to give in to the urge to stop and just munch on one of the lower, more accessible tea leaves simply because we do not have the vision of those tea leaves way up there. We can't wait and don't have the discipline or we choose to succumb to those cravings to just give up and munch munch munch.

Getting to the top is not an easy climb and for us who desire more instant gratification sometimes it is difficult to wait. We must keep in mind the image of those top tea leaves to the point that we can taste them. That image will drive us to continue upward and onward to get to the top and enjoy those much more tasty, tender, and potent tea leaves.

For now, I refuse to continue this analogy to the point of finally making it to the top only to find that someone else has already taken the best tea leaves before you got there.


GeologyJoe said...

the other thing is that at the top of the tea plant the wind blows you around more and its harder to climb to.

Bonez said...

Preach it, Brother GeoJoe! Yeah, I too found the silly Japanese green tea commercial to quite inspirational in many ways. Plus, those wormies are sooooooooo cute!