Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Beware of the Doghouse

Guys, have you ever suffered being condemned to the doghouse? Women, have you even momentarily considered what permanent psychological scarring you are perpetrating upon your man by sending him to the hell called "Doghouse"? In either case, this video is a must see for both men and women. Watch it closely and learn.

Oh, and men... you probably need to watch it several times since it seems we manly men have some difficulty assimilating specific information necessary to protect us from the doghouse hell intensive labor camps. This video will provide you men with those elusive answers but I caution you to be very careful. Those answers are wickedly coded and embedded in this sad story. But, men with a keen eye and a desire to remain out of doghouse prison should be able to discern the truth and gain or secure their freedom.

Women, remember, this video is only a re-enactment and no men were actually harmed in its production. If you watch this horrific portrayal of the doghouse with an open heart and mind then you may gain special insight that will help you keep your man safe and free from the torment they will suffer in the name of inappropriate gift giving.

I consider this video to be a "must see" for both sexes at this time of year. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't become a perennial classic and maybe even a mandatory requirement in pre-marital counseling.


GeologyJoe said...

my boss sent me a link to this vid last week. then 'caught' me watching it at work. and was like...'ha ha when you done with that we have a meeting about...'

agreed thou, top notch vid.

Bonez said...

I really like this one and think it is well done. The "this video" links take you to the original site with a much higher quality version. It also has the ability for women to put someone in the doghouse :) Keep your head down!

Thinkinfyou said...

I loved the video!! I stumbled ya!!

Bonez said...

Why thank you, Thinkinfyou! I am honored for the Stumble and appreciate your support. Will return the favor soon. Happy Holidays to you and yours and good luck in keeping that man of yours out of doghouse hell.