Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Don't Wanna Be Your Puppet Pal

I have not been my old Bonezian self of late. Seems that I have allowed Life to once again kick me in the shins and distract me from what is really important. This happens from time to time and is quite annoying not only to me but to many of the Bonez Fans out there. These devout Bonezified addicts start questioning where the hell I am and what the hell do I think I am doing by lazing around killing aliens on the XBox instead of posting some banal yet entertainingly insightful Bonezite entries. What can I say? We all go through dry spells of vacationing muses, familial crises and or troublesome health issues interfering with our sworn duty to blog. Come Hell or high water, through thick and thin, good or bad, rain or shine we gotta put fingers to keyboard and come up with something that may capture some unidentified net wanderer's attention for a few milliseconds.

Or do we?

I really did think that way once upon a time, but not any longer. Blogging is now a therapeutic distraction for me just a tad short of being a hobby to putter my leisure hours away for my amusement alone. I don't have to dance to the lure of site statistics and frantically try to conjure ways to generate more traffic. But then again, I never "had to". It was a choice I made and a poor choice, at that. Oh, I still monitor the visits and page views but not to a point of giving it too much concern over all. Bonez is here for me and I am not here for it. Big difference in attitude and thus in my treatment of the sometime gaps between posts. That's why I chose the title of this post as "I Don't Wanna Be Your Puppet Pal". I am not letting Bonez or even well intentioned Bonez Fans pull my strings. What is Is and I am not going to lose sleep or mental energy over how long it has been between posts.

That's one of the reasons I opened Bonez up as a team blog. Long time readers know how that has been an on again off again success. I had hoped co-authors would mean more people popping in posts in between my efforts. Great idea that has worked well at times... just not working so well today. No biggie. I am grateful for those who still contribute when they have the opportunity or the inspiration. I am also always open to new contributors joining the Bonez Crew and encourage anyone who has wanted to give blogging a shot but were afraid to start up one on their own to give me a shout.

The nice thing about the posting gaps is that I always contemplate Bonez and what it is all about for me at this or that point in my life. Usually that ends up bringing me back to Bonez with new ideas I want to try out and a renewed sense of creativity. Maybe this post is another one of those resurgent creativity points.

Maybe not.

See, that's one of the fun things about Bonez for me. You and I get to find out together how this all turns out.

If interested, why not check out more fun stuff from the Potter Puppet Pals and keep coming back to see what the heck this crazy man and his fellow Bonez Crew members post about next time.



Howdy do, Tony, " this all turns out" is @ the endin' of moi's wee YouTube vid.....

Stay on groovin' safari,

Bonez said...

Wow, Tor, thanks for visiting Bonez and sharing some of our work with us. I like it!

Thinkinfyou said...

I get caught up in the mentality too sometimes. I try to stop myself though because I never want blogging to feel like a chore instead of an creative expression that I love.

I promise I'll keep coming back no matter how long between posts!!

GeologyJoe said...

If you blog for yourself it can't fail.

Bonez said...

~ Thinkinfyou ~ I know that most long time bloggers encounter the same issue and the average lifespan of an active blog is less than one year. Much less. So, with that in mind, Bonez has already been a success in for me. It serves its purpose for me and I have to keep its importance to who I am in proper perspective with what all else is going on in my life. Sometimes it HAS TO TAKE A BACK SEAT to other more pressing matters. But only sometimes :) The cool thing is that once I get to the point where I am itching to get back in the blogging saddle I am revived and rearing to go. So watch out!

~ GeologyJoe ~ Absolutimundo, mon Ami! You yourself are a living testimony to that fact.