Monday, January 12, 2009

Passive Aggressives Equal Musical Psycho-Sexual Thrill

E turned me on to the musical psycho-sexual thrills of the Passive Aggressives way back in April of last year. Okay, you got me. I only wrote "psycho-sexual thrills" because I've been wanting to plop that into a post for a long time and why the hell not just go ahead and do it and get it out of my system? At least for now it frees my soul from the haunting tortures of that phrase and it is in no way a true assessment or classification of genre of the Passive Aggressives.
[Do not operate heavy machinery while reading this post]

Anywho, E's introduction to this San Francisco based band prompted me to do the first Bonez post, Passive Aggressives Blow Up Sex Dolls Rock Hard, praising them and doing my small part to expose Bonez readers to new artistic talents. Actually, it was probably also triggered by a subconscious admission that I was sincerely a closet blow up sex doll freak giddy from such a unique and creative expression utilizing inflatable erotic toys posing as a real life band.

Thankfully, one of the band members, Bassist Damian Lynch, stumbled across that original post and reopened dialogue with Bonez prompting me to research further this creative group and give a status update on them. Now I was armed with a no-brainer excuse to once again put the Passive Aggressives in front of the Bonez audience.

The Passive Aggressives are Keren Gaiser (vivacious vocals) who is an ex-Israeli military service member so be careful coming on to her, Tim Dayner (delirious drums-meister), Jose Santiago (guru-vy [borrowed that term from Damian's MySpace page] guitarist), and Damian Lynch (bad ass bassist). These wonderfully creative and talented folks rightfully enjoy a very loyal and rapidly growing fan base to which I and many Bonez readers will now be added.


GeologyJoe said...

I had just read that their recent album was pretty good. the vid reinforces that. Ill have to pick up the disk.

Bonez said...

I've actually listened to most of the tracks and yes, it IS very good. I too am getting it and hope others will do the same soon. I hope they make more music video like the blow sex dolls one... I need some more of that inflatable love goodness.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

It is refreshing to hear a band that plays music and not that candy ass pop crap one hears on the radio.

The music industry is not dying it is that the music industry looks for the quick fix and sugar coated lyrics.

Great band I am looking forward to hearing more.

Thanks Tony

Bonez said...

yeah, the music industry is scrambling to figure how they can preserve their revenues with artists going net and CD sales tumbling due to electronic distribution. They and the movie industry better get onboard or suffer the same fate as newspapers and magazines. Keep your eyes peeled for more unsung music and video heroes and all suggestions are welcome.