Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vegetarians Have Better Sex

Studies show that vegetarians have better sex. Go Veg! Nothing like banned Super Bowl commercials to spice up a blog and encourage the Vegetarian lifestyle. NBC banned PETA's commercial saying it, "depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards." Wow, that's saying a lot considering the lack of sexual standards NBC has displayed in its programming in the past. Besides, I see nothing here that is any more risqué than your average Victoria's Secret commercial or their famous "fashion show" they put on to the drooling millions around the world. In fact, I find the commercial to be humorous and enough over the top with the feigned sexual suggestiveness that it makes it even more of a tongue-in-cheek attempt to cause people to stop and think about what they are putting into the bodies AND their minds. Of course, there is always the possibility that PETA's marketing execs are smarter than we think and they knew that NBC would ban this commercial and thus give them a ton of viral publicity that would end up reaching more people than if the commercial had aired on Super Bowl Sunday. Yep, those sneaky devils in Marketing may be helping save more innocent animal lives through viral advertising of sex and innuendo than through any "serious" educational attempts.

Oh, and while you contemplate the complexities, morals and business ethics of portraying women pretending to make out with veggies could I trouble you to please pass me that scrumptious looking head of fresh raw broccoli floating in your bath?

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