Saturday, February 07, 2009

President Obama's Weekly Address - 090702

President Obama commends the progress the Senate has made on moving the recovery plan forward, and urged its completion. More than 3.6 million jobs have been lost in the last twelve months and we are experiencing the worst unemployment in the last thirty-six years. Potentially millions more Americans will lose their jobs, their homes and their healthcare coverage.


Homeopath said...

I noticed that one of your interests was healing energy. I am new to blogger but intend on postings some more interesting entries there that you might enjoy. I’m trying to enlighten people about homeopathy. Your blog is great.

GeologyJoe said...

In his speech last night he seemed to only make one error. Did you notice when he cut off Helen Thomas' follow up question?
I was like *OOOH* shut down the big HT.

Bonez said...

GeoJoe ~ Man, I missed his speech last night as I was at another community function. I will have to see if I can grab it off of YouTube later today. I gotta see that slap down ;)

Homeopath ~ Welcome to Bonez! Glad to see you around and am very interested in your work. Have favorited your blog and support your efforts to assist in the escalation of global human enlightenment and consciousness. Would like to feature some of your thoughts on Bonez some time.