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By Laura Woodhouse | 1 March 2008, 13:04
I'm a vegetarian, I care about animal welfare but, call me crazy, I'm actually more worried about the oppression and abuse of women across the globe than I am about animals.

Not so for the delightful people at PETA.

The animal rights group have long used women's bodies to try and get their message across, and this stunt has got to be the absolute worst I have seen.

There is a video here of the woman involved explaining what she is doing.

Now I get that naked women attract attention, but I really don't think that its because passersby give a shit about mistreated pregnant sows.

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Michelle said...

That is horrid and horrifying all at the same time!!!!

Bonez said...

I think the author did a good job at questioning PETA's treatment and portrayal of women. I also question WTF is on the women's minds who actually put themselves in those awkward and humiliating positions...

GeologyJoe said...

re: the 1st link. 'i'd suckle her teets' Yeah I couldn't resist that one. You set 'em up Tony. Ill knock down.
but seriously:
PETA are like these extremist Muslim terrorists only for animal rights. They don't represent all of their group and the few nut jobs make them all look bad.

Bonez said...

GeoJoe, I figured you would be lurking in the links looking for softcore porn instead of promoting women's rights and respectful treatment but I didn't expect you to admit it to the vast Bonez audience.

Yeah, PETA is a wild one to deal with and I count them in the same camp as those eco-terrorists the Sierra Club and the gun loving war mongering NRA clans.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I had not put any consideration into that aspect of the PETA ads - there are certainly no male equivalents that I can recall right now in their advertising.

I think maybe there are some valid points in this argument.

Cheers for sharing it.

Bonez said...

You know Lee, I had not considered the fact that I cannot recall a PETA ad (like these) ever featuring men whatsoever. I find this even more strange because I thought most of the "higher ups" at PETA were indeed women. What's up with that?!?