Friday, February 27, 2009

What If Dreams Created Reality?

Meghan, calling herself Strawburry17 on YouTube, says, "I love me some Jesus". She displays a spiritual connectedness and comprehension beyond many people no matter their age. I found her video through a random search on a completely different topic and once I listened I was moved by her sincerity and innocent belief that reality can be controlled by our beliefs and dreams. In other words, we create our own realities. Meghan proclaims herself Christian but surely knows that much of her script may be construed as New Age or Metaphysical Christianity. The point is, spiritual truth is Truth no matter from which direction it appears to be coming. It all originates from the same Single Source of Oneness.

"Just Think.
What If...
Every day was treated like a new beginning?

Where grudges, bitterness, unforgiveness, and worries died the moment your head hit the pillow. And at the time you had awaken to a new morning your mind would be renewed, not lacking knowledge or wisdom from the past, but building on what has been made from prior situations and circumstances.

Each person you'd come into contact with you'd treat like it had been the first time you'd met them and your first impression persona was at the top of it's game. Being kind, loving, unconditional in terms of your friendship in how things are done to show thanks. What if, we did things without having presumptuous intentions of wanting to be thanked for what we had done.

What if, we shared our gifts just out of love and never had the expectations of wanting to be loved in return, because we had the reassurance of knowing we're already loved regardless of what we do.

What if, our confidence was placed in something bigger then ourselves so that our dreams weren't limited to our own fears and insecurities.

What if, believing was reality?"


Meh said...

We make our own destiny, so, perhaps we can make our dreams come true and hope for the betterment of our future. The problems we have today are man-made, so, logically speaking, they can also be solved by men.

Bonez said...

Hi Judie May and welcome to Bonez! I agree, the "problems" of this world are indeed "man made" and are the results of the collective consciousness of the planet manifesting the "dreams" and/or fears of those who are unaware of their gift of co-creation and manifestation. Thankfully, there is an escalating rising awareness as more people are becoming enlightened and accepting responsibility for their "dreams" and manifestations. So yes... dreams do come true especially when one is dreaming with intent and comprehension of their abilities.

Blonde Goddess said...

Dear God! I don't want my dreams to come true! Not unless there is some way to control what I dream about!

Tony, I'm still working on replying to that email about the layout. I can't remember what I did to fix it like that. I just think I got lucky. No skill required... LOL.

Bonez said...

There is a way to control what you dream about. But we are talking here about more than nocturnal sleeping dreams... we are talking more aspirations and focused awareness on our abilities to bring about our own realities instead of just "going with the flow" or accepting the group consciousness that most people live in. But you know that ;)

Well, you got skillz more than I if you figured out how to make that cute blonde hang at the bottom righthand corner of your page display. Youz gots skillz, Babez.