Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One World Currency and Responsible Sovereignty

Global Governance? Further Biblical prophecy being fulfilled? More Republican generated paranoia to create confusion and fear of the Obama presidency upon a generally ignorant and narrow worldview minded populace? Is there a kernel of truth to be aware that our governments are moving toward a New World Order and a single governing body? Additional proof of a real life Illuminati conspiracy? Oh what fun fun fun we have with our suspicious minds and wagging tongues. Is there any good news left in the world? Maybe we can manifest more goodness in the world if we would concentrate on spreading it ourselves first.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Ok I could not watch all of it because my rationality kicked in and said, "Bullshit!"

Actually, a global currency would be better for free trade and cause other nations that are centralized and authoritarian to be less so since their economies will be tied with all others. The free market, regulated to prevent greed and corruption, makes us all free. Look at what is happening in China; the market is causing the government to have to give up some of its power.

A global currency will also tame inflation by providing a balance to economies and a global currency will also limit cost of living disparities between nations. Hence, the salary playing field will become a more equal between countries.

I could go on and on but I will stop here.

Bonez said...

Ole Blue ~ I must admit that my old evangelical fundamentalist christian brainwashing kicks in when I hear such things as a One World Government or a global currency. Smacks too much of the Mark of the Beast and Anti-Christ predictions of the Book of Revelations. Maybe ol' John on the isle of Patmos wasn't nearly as looney tunes as the Romans thought. I sort of flashed on the bullshit that peeps were saying that Barack Obama was the New Age Messiah and possibly even the Anti-Christ himself. Wow, Rush may be right after all (NOT, what a f*cktard @sshat elitist fearmongering SOB!). But enough of that Republican praise and propaganda for the leftovers from the Bush Nazi regime. Think those Haliburton prison camps are still being built? Maybe they will now be filled with enemies of the new socialist state instead of non-combatant enemies of the grand ole Republic the Skull and Bones envisioned.