Tuesday, March 31, 2009

STOLEN: Staring at the Spearhead of Hate

By Mental Orgasm

Well isn't this just grand, 2010 is right on the horizon, the beginning of a new decade about to be capped by the World's greatest celebration of sport, and ugly hatred rears its head again. When the incumbent government of South Africa decided to deny the Visa of the Dalai Lama, they not only crushed the hopes of so many living within Tibet, who desperately wanted a world stage to voice their plight, but also cemented the will of communist China on a new continent. You heard me right, South Africa, which for centuries suffered from an apartheid system that made non-whites second class citizens, now appears to be on the verge of an invasion in political doctrine from the Great Red East.

South Africa, which is world famous for diamonds that are pulled from the earth only to leave pools of blood behind, has turned its back on one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time in the name of commercial interest and for the sake of a partner that seeks to influence the most powerful nation on the most important continent in regards to future resources. While the U.S. pursues hopeless interests in a Middle East that will never accept us, let alone love us, China slowly but surely is buying power and friends on a continent that has vast untapped oil fields, undeveloped mines of precious metal, and enough instability and corruption running through its veins that its citizens can't or won't put up much of a fight.

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