Saturday, March 14, 2009

STOLEN: Yes We Can

Saturday, January 3, 2009 | By Hope

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This bit of nuttiness comes from an article (WSJ) about a Russian professor who predicts a US civil war in 2009 and the eventual breakup of the country into Republics as depicted on the map. I'm sure he's very proud of it. I'm also sure he's delusional.

I'm certain that nothing would please -- on a visceral level, anyway -- some residents of the former Soviet Union more than to see a similar fate befall us. But their humiliation experience does not imbue them with special insight. Basically, if he weren't attending to this he'd be waiting for the Rapture. Doomsayers, their colorful PPTs notwithstanding, all have one thing in common: they crave the power to change the world; recognition of their genius and foresight; and this is the method by which they ease their frustration.

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GeologyJoe said...

funny how he thinks Alaska will go back to Russia. Not with Sarah Palin as gov'nor it wont.


Bonez said...

I know that I sleep much better at night knowing that Sarah Palin is standing between Russian takeover and good ol' flag wavin' American Freedom. The Commie Red Horde (tm) has no chance against our gun-totin' baby makin' Alaskan Governor.

MentalOrgasm.Org said...

Bahaahahhaha, that's rich...this dude should be worrying about Russian stability as their natural resources are depleted by us. Soon, the vaunted EU is going to absorb the Russian economy and then they are going to have a hard time keeping their own borders intact.

Bonez said...

MentalOrgasm ~ What I gather is the dude was using his predictions solely as a way of Russian propaganda to make them feel better about their crappy situation and to insult and berate Russia's "enemy" the U.S. with fantasy prognostications that make the Russian people more in the dark about the real U.S.