Friday, May 15, 2009

High as a Kite OR Caught Up in the Spirit

I fly stunt kites. I am not too bad at it, either, but even my best days of flying never amounted to a fraction of the skill and talents displayed by the amazing Ray Bethell. Ray (<--- WARNING: Moving mini-documentary on Ray at the link) is the multiple kite world champion and world record holder for most kites flown simultaneously by a single individual. I only wish Mr. Bethell would try flying kites with his shirt on. You can learn much more about kites, stunt and sport kite flying and about people who fly kites (fully clothed most of the time) at Kitelife.

When I am flying I am living and focused entirely in the moment. The concept of time ceases to exist for me. I am no longer aware of anything outside of me and the kite. The extension of myself that is the kite blurs to the very fringe periphery of my consciousness of outside stimuli. I cannot (will not?) contemplate my life's worries or plan the next meal or have a single concern over what tomorrow or even the next hour will bring. When I am flying I have achieved a level of consciousness that I usually can only obtain through my meditations. I am at Peace. I am Happy. I am filled with awe at the Creation and the abundance of the Universe to give Joy and Love. The thrill of feeling the tugs and pull of the kite while watching it soar and dance in the cerulean sky can, at times, bring on spontaneous tears of total contentment. I have clarity of my Oneness with the All that Is. It is those moments that I know I am One yet an individual expression and manifestation of God.

The beautiful and hauntingly uplifting music in the above video is Léo Delibes' "The Flower Duet" from his opera Lakmé. I am not sure who it is performed by in the kite video. The following is a wonderful presentation of "The Flower Duet" performed by Russian and Latvian opera stars Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca. Both women are superstars in their own rights but combined they shine even brighter. They use their voices as musical instruments to bring to life this beautiful operatic piece and bless all listening with their gift. Enjoy.


GeologyJoe said...

wow. one guy flying all three. that is cool.

Thinkinfyou said...

I remember flying kites as a kid.Now though,you have to go to the beach to fly one,there are just too many power lines everywhere else.

Bonez said...

GeoJoe ~ yeah, way cool. I keep trying to figure how he's doing it. It appears he has one actually tied to his waist! He's amazing and even with his shirt off he's a thrill to watch.

Bonez said...

Thinkinfyou ~ most of my flying time is on the beach. I go to Tybee Island mostly as it has some great wind year round. I was introduced to stunt and trick kiting and kite dancing there with an annual competition they used to have in November. They primary organizer died last year, though, and it has been discontinued or moved to another location. Sad, because it is so beautiful and fun to watch. They actually do fly them to music.