Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Slap Chop Rap Gangsta Beats Hookers

"Rap Chop" remix by DJ Steve Porter

Ever looking for a deal I stumbled upon the amazing Slap Chop (not by Ronco). The infomercials are hilarious enough on their own but the ingenious DJ Steve Porter made them even funnier with his remix. The actor is obviously a very troubled individual to get so worked up over a simple dicing apparatus and it showed in his recent assault on a hooker and subsequent arrest. Guess he got a little too carried away with his slapping and chopping, eh? Oh well, this makes me want to go and slap chop some homemade salsa fresca so I'll be seein' ya' all later and will dip a chip for you.


Thinkinfyou said...

I fall for the infomercial stuff even without the sweet remixed added. Thankfully they didn't have the number to order in the video or I'd be the lucky owner of three of those bad boys!

Bonez said...

Thinkinfyou ~ Hahaha. I know what you mean. My mouth watered and my palms itched just watching him dice those veggies like no tomorrow. So easy and the results looked so damn tasty! I think they are only 19.95 and if you act quickly they will send you TWO for the same low price of only $19.95 and will throw in (at no additional cost) a set of the famous Jinsu knives and a salad spinner. I put the link to order from ;) Is that the sound of Thinkinfyou dialin'?!?

GeologyJoe said...

is anyone surprised by this guy? after all he is just the grown up real life version of Beavis.

*i need t.p. for my bunghole*

Bonez said...

GeoJoe ~ Dude, I never know what the hell you are going to come up with when you visit here. It's a good thing we don't live closer or I fear we would be in continuous trouble with our exploits. Yeah, the guy is a real tool.