Saturday, May 16, 2009

STOLEN: Beware the boredom that follows you

Release Date: Friday, May 8, 2009

Beware the boredom that follows you

Too much of a monotonous task, especially with no reward in sight, can understandably bore you; but when boredom follows you from the laundry room to the office to the bedroom, don't ignore it.

If you're often bored, scientists say you're at greater risk of developing anxiety, depression, drug addiction, angry and aggressive behavior, a lack of interpersonal skills and poor performance!

And a new study shows that boredom undermines satisfaction (read: happiness) in relationships, which can make grass on the other side of the fence appear greener than it actually is and ultimately weaken your commitment. The seven-year itch is no coincidence or myth.

If your boredom is based on droning circumstances, you can change them by doing something that enlivens you. If routine is sabotaging your relationship, you can grab your sweetheart and do something that engages both of you. And don't wait ... because the longer you're bored with circumstances, the more likely you are to get bored with life in general.

So, what if you've already crossed that line? Look at when you became disinterested and why. Look at the desires you have repressed and the goals you have given up.

[Read rest of article @ Jan Denise's Naked Relationships]

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Michelle said...

I was bored reading that!!

JUST KIDDING!! Lame attempt at humor!

I actually enjoyed and got a lot out of this article.


Bonez said...

Michelle ~ I know you would rather be running than reading and I appreciate you taking the time to muddle through whatever it is that I fancy posting up on Bonez on any given day. Jan Denise is a great author and has a real grasp on what it means to really be true to oneself and live in Love. I have been fortunate enough to hear her speak recently and plan on reading most of what she's written on relationships... including the relationship with ourselves. Keep coming back!

EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

Bones - yes blogging always give me those symptoms that is why I cannot stop.

Bonez said...

EuroYank ~ Actually, EY, I had not thought of my blogging addiction as being that but you are absolutely correct (as usual, my friend). I believe that blogging, for me, as been a way to beat boredom, at times, and has acted as a creative outlet. I call it my therapeutic outlet, actually, but it is also a very weak form of creativity that I can turn to when there is no time for genuine artistic release :)