Friday, June 19, 2009

2012 Trailer Awesome Apocalyptic CGI Fun

Someone "confronted" me recently on my posting of certain types of topics that were not necessarily in the best interest of spreading love and peace to our planet and reversing the negative route we seem to be taking as a species. It seems that the Tao Te Ching, Bible, Qur'an, Rasa'il al-hikmah, Book of the Dead, Grit, Dead Sea Scrolls, Redbook, Dianetics, Principia Discordia, Cosmopolitan, A Course in Miracles, The Gnostic Gospels, and Archie Comics all explicitly prohibit and are not tolerant of such negative world spirit crushing posts. Add to that that all peaceful, enlightened, loving beings, both those in the flesh and those non-physical entities some apparently are able to see and hear much more clearly than I, succinctly admonish such negative energy creation in the blogosphere. No more watching violent films, playing M-rated XBox video games (I think Wii video games are acceptable to the ancients), supporting our troops, having balls to state an opinion or posting about apocalyptic excitement and supposition on Bonez or other non-zombie zealot approved activities. Though, I am impressed that Bonez has been singled out by the ancient masters for direct counseling and intervention I am not necessarily in agreement with their judgment of Bonez or the Bonezian community in general. I have always attempted to be a good universal citizen and sound the clarion call on all potential weird yet entertaining things happening (and maybe happening or not) around us. That's why you will always find lots of kewl stuff here that many bloggers are just too shy or too sane to publish. That's the way we roll, Baby, and we'll just keep row row rowing our boat gently against the stream, thank you very much.

Further proof of rebellious and dangerous Bonez thinking pertaining to 2012:
Apocalypse Bible Belt Style
Surviving 2012 and Planet X
Mayan Calendar Predicts End of the World

[Official 2012 movie site]


Anonymous said...

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Bonez said...

hyaku ~ thank you for the tips however, paying for cute Japanese girl pictures on a calendar with my new iPhone 3G S is not quite my way. I am leaving your comment just in case there are those out there who would like to check it out. Thanks for visiting Bonez.

GeologyJoe said...

a friend of mine who is into the, the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) will love this movie.

Bonez said...

GeoJoe ~ Sounds like me and your TEOTWAWKI friend would get along nicely. I am into it for the special effects, myself, since I know the real truth. You know ... the real truth that flying saucers will snatch us away with their powerful transporter beams and take us all up into the third heaven where we will get our new bodies and have weird wild alien monkey sex with our very own private stock of seventy-two (give or take a few dozen) nubile perpetual virgins.

GeologyJoe said...

72! i cant wait....beam me up.

Bonez said...

GeoJoe ~ I continue to be impressed with how easy it is to open men's eyes to the Truth. Or how quickly and eagerly they embrace it.