Thursday, June 04, 2009

Aflac Duck Goes Down to the Farm

"Farm" shows us the Aflac Duck's barnyard friends talking about the benefits of Aflac supplemental insurance. It does well in delivering the relevant and timely message that Aflac helps pay everyday bills when people are sick or hurt and cannot work - a benefit that is particularly important in today's economy. I am glad to see Aflac being more clear on just what it is they provide to customers. Supplemental insurance, unlike primary medical insurance, pays the cash benefits directly to the employee/policy holder versus to the doctors or medical institutions. That is cash to be used as the beneficiary sees fit. To pay for transportation, food, lodging, or just the bills that are still due even if someone is ill or injured and unable to work. In other words, real money when you need it the most.

I have enjoyed the security of owning three Aflac policies for over ten years. It is comforting to know that I can take my Aflac coverage with me even if my employer decides to no longer offer the option or I decide to move to another job. My rates will never increase and my coverage will never decrease as long as I own the policies. I don't know of any other supplemental insurance that can guarantee that. It is almost unbelievable how inexpensive it is to own the confidence of Aflac supplemental insurance policies. With my pre-taxed payroll deductions I save even more and never worry about making a payment. It's definitely one of those Win-Win scenarios that come around so infrequently in the worlds of insurance and finance.

So now that you've trudged through my spontaneous solicitation of Aflac you are probably scratching your head and wondering why. Why have you read this far and why the heck did I just spend the last several minutes touting the glories of Aflac supplemental insurance. Well, I sincerely believe in it that much. Having Aflac is a part of what I do to protect myself and my family should I encounter certain obstacles in life. I think it is a very smart choice and an inexpensive way to augment our insurance coverage to better meet our real financial needs in a time of crisis versus just paying the docs and pharmacy. I believe in it so much that I will talk with anyone interested in learning more about how they can obtain Aflac coverage for themselves and their loved ones. I will talk with employers and explain to them the importance and ease they can offer enhanced benefits to their employees at no additional cost to themselves.

Someone on another blog said that they heart Aflac. I agree. I heart Aflac, too, and thrill to hear that crazy Aflac Duck screech, "Aflaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac!" Come on Aflac, let's get the word out that owning some peace of mind is better than the alternative of being diagnosed with an illness or injury and wondering how we are going to take care of our families.

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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Well...I did not know that about Aflac. Maybe I will look into it seems that I am in my forties you know.

Bonez said...

Ole Blue ~ You are not alone as many "younger" folks think they don't need insurance or accident coverage or a cancer policy or whatever because they are not old and decrepit like Mr. Bonez. Bah! You young whippersnappers still need to consider proper insurance coverage just in case you're not as immortal as you may think right now. But seriously, it is a good idea and very inexpensive to gain the confidence that you will be better equipped to take care of your financial needs should the unthinkable happen. If your company does not offer the opportunity to purchase supplemental insurance then maybe you should speak to your HR person or look into purchasing adequate policies directly from your nearest Aflac agent. Let me know.

Seti@wan Dirgant@Ra said...

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Bonez said...

Seti@wan Dirgant@Ra ~ Most interesting site you have yourself. Thank you for visiting Bonez and please come back often and bring a friend or three.