Friday, July 17, 2009

Bubblicious Beatnik Animators

Bubblicious from Rex The Dog on Vimeo.

My youngest son and I have plotted and verbally white boarded our personal team magnum opus of amateur stop motion animation since he was about three years old. He has always been intrigued by and shared my infatuation with the magic of animation ... especially of the 3-D variety.robot hand globe He fancies himself growing up to be a movie maker or video game designer or some other such artistic idealistic amazing fun one-in-a-million job with astronomical pay. More than likely, he will do it and will rock the world. At least that's the way I see it. No overt fatherly bias, just plain cold hard facts when it comes to my kids and their potential to change the world and make it a better and more entertaining place for future generations. If you think otherwise then please kindly remove yourself to some other blog and let me rest in my mental delusions and denial of reality. I know what IS so do not try to confuse me with the facts.

So, here we are ten or eleven years later still plotting, planning and verbally white boarding a killer stop motion animation that has yet to see the first frame materialize or the simplest of storyboards doodled. Why? Hell if I know, because Bad Company 2it isn't for the lack of creative genius or the desire for success and acclaim. It must be something else blocking the path to animation glory. Maybe it is not enough to be pescetarian and obsessed with XBox 360 war simulation games. beatnikMaybe we should go all the way and start visiting those dark dank beatnik dive joints where they sit on stools playing bongos reading sardonic poetry and sipping espresso while snapping their fingers and wearing super dark glasses (hey, can I have one of those coolio little frenchie beanie caps?). [Note: The little beatnik guy to the left looks so much like E I am about to wet my pants giggling. End Note] So, if any Bonez readers out there know of the secret to animation creation success, please feel free to drop us a comment of wisdom and guidance. If you are in any way involved with Pixar, Disney, Lucas Arts, etc. and so forth, then by all means take a moment and give a word or three of encouragement or a contract offer. Either will be greatly appreciated.

If I can get him off the frakkin' three-sixty fraggin' n00bs long enough we may actually make a breakthrough soon and post the results here on Bonez as our world premier. No charge to you dear faithful Bonez readers, of course. Bonez has been and will remain totally commercial and ad free. Except when we are not.
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