Friday, July 31, 2009

Everybody Loves Kung Fu Fighting

Bruce Lee and David Carradine probably roll over in their graves every time someone plays this video. Hey, the guy is nearly as convincing as David was but slightly more in touch with his tender feminine side. What with the cute little pink skin-tightworst kung fu woman's tank top and all. I think it takes a real kung fu manly man to wear something like that and still suck arse at pretending to be fighting. Top it off with a head of hair that probably makes his Momma cry and his 70's girlfriend jealous and you have the perfect mix for a kung fu nightmare. Yep, everybody loves kung fu fighting.


Blonde Goddess said...

HAHAHA! What a great way to begin my day!
I think I'll put some Kung Fu on the kids when they get out of bed.(Just for fun, you know?)

Bonez said...

Blonde Goddess ~ Nuttin' mo bettah den Kung Fuing dee yunguns pherst tang en dee mornin.