Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse from Iwo Jima Japan

Millions in Asia witnessed today's total solar eclipse which was the longest in this century. In some parts of Asia it lasted a full six minutes and thirty-nine seconds. A longer one will not present itself until 2132 ... that is if we are still around to witness it after 2012. Um, hold on a sec ... I don't guess any of us will be around to witness it unless someone time travels or enters into suspended animation and survives the one hundred and twenty-three years gap of time. Oh well, I guess I meant "we" as in general humanity. Anyway, total eclipses are the result of the moon moving directly between the sun and the earth and, at one point, covering it completely to cast a shadow on earth. As the video shows clearly, this allows Earthlings to witness the super-hot flair of the sun's eclipse


GeologyJoe said...

very cool Tony.

Bonez said...

GeoJoe ~ Thanks. Total solar eclipses intrigue me even more than lunar eclipses. I think the video is one of the best non-scientific ones I have seen and the images are amazing.