Monday, July 20, 2009

Springtime for Darth Hammer

If the real Darth Vader had moves like Darth Hammer he may have whooped Luke Skywalker's young butt and survived the evil emperor palpatineEmperor Palpatine's murderous treachery. Funny, I keep remembering how my oldest son would mimic MC Hammer when he was about five and suddenly pull his pants down and shout, "Hammah Time!" and do that strange weird running in place move that made MC "U Can't Touch This" the Hammer.hammer time Ah, the other part of the story is that such moves may not have saved our poor beloved Sith Lord Vader from his destiny. I am sure most of the Bonez readers know how the wretched lost and misguided soul Anakin Skywalker a.k.a. Darth Vader met with a sad fate in his life's final chapter to save his son (Luke) from certain destruction at the hands of the heinous Palpatine. (sniff!) The above video would be a great idea for a musical comedy remake of the entire Star Wars saga. Something sort of grandiose and way over the top that would turn around the public's perception of Lord Vader. Kind of like what "Springtime for Hitler" did for Herr Adolf and his very own Nazi stormtroopers.

How can you watch these two videos and not feel that there is at least a shred of humanity and good left in these villainous scoundrels? And shame shame shame on anyone who takes it upon themselves to chastise me or the Bonezpolitically incorrect Crew as advocating fascism or genocide because of poking a little fun at pop culture and history. Don't even think about it 'cause you will get your sweet arse booted from the comments without hesitation. No,it's not censorship ... this is the house that Bonez built and we don't play dat game here, Boyo. We never claimed political correctness and shudder to think of ourselves as even attempting to be so. In fact, it would a whole lot less fun and not really worth the effort of blogging if we had to police ourselves further than we already do. We know most of the world is going to be offended no matter what subject we may choose to post about so our ground rules are based on having fun and not taking ourselves or the world view too seriously. In other words, lighten up folks and let a little Springtime into your own lives for a change.

And count yourselves lucky that I did not pop in the French version of this gem and leave you to claw your own eyes out. See? We all have a little of the Dark Side within us after all.

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