Thursday, August 06, 2009

America's Stupidest People

The video is hilarious but the situation is NOT funny in the least. Americans ... make that United States of America citizens ... are branded by many around the world as being some of the most uneducated or even outright stupidest people on our planet. Rightly so, if the above video can be used as even slight evidence. Add to that what appears to be an unabashed arrogance and you have a play nakedcocktail for world ridicule that seems well deserved to any outside observer. Want to know something even more sad or disturbing? Many of these people are actually proud of themselves for their lack of education and learning. They consider it a sign of coolness or a badge of their individuality and their party devil may care image. They have the freedom not to learn and to be a simpleton by much of the free world's standards. Yeah, that's something to really be proud of or to rate your coolness by. Strangely enough, these folks most likely don't think of themselves as being uneducated. In fact, many of them have various level of academic degrees (now THAT is scary!) and consider themselves of above average intelligence. I think it really boils down to mental and psychological laziness and apathy and a refusal to apply themselves and only do whatever is the minimum to get by in life. They simply don't care. They don't give a flying rat's patootie who's in charge or what is really going on in the world outside of their own private unreality. Where's the next party or sex partner or happy good time? Hey, change that damn channel cause no one wants to be bored and scared by the news. head in assLet's forget about all the crazy crap going on and pretend it isn't happening, cause you know what? It is happening waaaaaaaay "over there" and we can ignore all their suffering and pour ourselves another numbing drink of that delicious dumbass cocktail. Cause we got Freedom, Baby! Why do we need silly edumacation when we are living the life of Riley in the Land of the Free handout and the Home of the Brave manipulating government overlords? Let's all just pretend it is all roses and champagne and just another fun day at Disney instead of admitting that we are lazy imbeciles who are afraid to get off our proverbial mental asses and be a real contributing members of the human race.

[Found @ "The World’s Most Popular Natural Health Newsletter"]

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